Dr. Judy Sturm’s passion for design provides her patients with a warm and welcoming space filled with colour and whimsy.

Deliberately moving away from the traditional dental office aesthetic, Toronto's Dr. Judy Sturm, DDS, wanted to ensure her workplace environment delivered a sense of whimsy—a word one doesn’t typically associate with a place where one would get a root canal. However, upon entering the large o ce that she has occupied for 12 years — just steps from Toronto’s Mink Mile (Bloor Street) — one immediately gets wrapped up in the eclectic ambience that the o ces of Dr. Judy Sturm & Associates provides.

With 25 years of practice under her belt, and specializing in a wide variety of oral care and cosmetic dentistry includ- ing bonding, dental implants, whitening and laser dentistry, Dr. Sturm, along with her 12-person all-female team, relish in the colourful décor. “The colour scheme is intended to reflect the fact that I am a person who likes to laugh and enjoy life,” Dr. Sturm says. With advanced medical amenities that include digital X-rays o ering an 80 percent reduction in the amount of radiation one receives, a digital panorex machine that screens for TMD issues, infection, pathology and visualize wisdom teeth, Netflix is also offered in every operatory room for the anxious and calm patient alike. 

The strategic placement of pops of colour mixed with clean, modern lines reflects Dr. Sturm’s décor modus operan- di. “An e ort was made to get away from the notion of a dental clinic, and to pro- vide a sense of a boutique experience for enhancing a patient’s smile and good health”. Much the same way I personalize every individual’s treatment and smile, I wanted to personalize my o ce and infuse it with my own upbeat personality.” 


Breaking from the tradition of the generic prints that usually grace the walls of a medical facility, Dr. Sturm’s office boasts a collection of artwork ranging from a locally commissioned mosaic installation, to a mesmerizing Matisse reproduction and various colourful prints from other pop cultural realms. Not to mention her fabulous collection of Zootopia-esque sculp- tures, which she picked up during her travels—all working to infuse additional warmth to an already worldly, stylish and fun locale.