Quench your thirst with healthy and refreshing DIY carbonated water.

SodaStream naturally flavoured punch recipe

Keeping yourself hydrated by drinking water during hot summer days is important, but plain water can get boring and bottled carbonated water is expensive. So how can you make water more fun and afforadable?

SodaStream Source Plastic Sparkling Water MakerEnter the SodaStream Source Plastic Sparkling Water Maker ($150, major retailers). Simply fill the reusable carbonating bottle with tap water, lock it into place and press down on the top of the water maker for the level of carbonation you want (light, medium or heavy) for a full litre of sparking H20! Since it’s powered by a CO2 canister, you can put it anywhere in your kitchen or even on your desk at work. One canister makes up to 60 litres of water.

When bubbles alone aren’t enough, spruce up your sparkling water by adding fruits like citrus or watermelon for flavour, herbs like mint or rosemary or other natural flavours like herbal teas to the mix.


Try This DIY Vanilla Hibiscus Punch Recipe!

This lightly sweetend punch recipe created by registered holistic nutritionist Andrea Donsky is so  delicious, water will never be the same again!


2 tbsp steeped hibiscus tea

8 oz cold water

½ tsp vanilla powder or extract

½ tsp honey

5 to 8 blueberries (garnish)

1 strawberry (garnish)

½ tsp orange zest (garnish)


1. Steep a cup of hibiscus tea, according to package directions. Set aside to cool. 

2. Carbonate cold water with the SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker. Mix in vanilla and honey. 

3. Add 2 tbsp of cooled, brewed hibiscus tea. 

4. Garnish with blueberries, strawberry and orange zest

5. Sip and enjoy!

Tip: Drink this punch during your afternoon slump instead of coffee for a natural energy boost