Get up close and personal with the designer behind Canadian fashion line, Code Vitesse. 


ELEVATE: Tell me a little bit about how you became interested in Fashion and your personal story. What do you do in your free time?

Iram Sheikh: I have always been obsessed with fashion creation and styling for all the women in my family . I was in the travel goods industry for sixteen years and I also was an Image consultant and fashion stylist for about nine years. In my free time I  enjoy designing and styling. I also love to travel and spend time with my son.


ELEVATE: What inspires you in your daily life to keep thriving at your business?

Iram Sheikh: The change and movement in women's lifestyles Inspire me. Understanding what today's modern woman needs in fashion and creating those go to styles and complete mix and match wardrobes that can be worn from day to night without compromising comfort, convenience and style. I know the headache a lot of women face when shopping. Many women with different beautiful bodies face a hard time finding clothing that fits and flatters their bodies. I love filling that gap by designing stylish and functional clothing that makes women feel fabulous. 


ELEVATE: How did this lead to the creation of Code Vitesse?

Iram Sheikh: The experience I had in my  travel goods business inspired me to come up with a comfortable travel clothing line that was packable, light weight, easy care and easy to wear. I wanted to create clothing all in wrinkle resistant fabrics and breathable designs that could be thrown in to  a suitcase and look perfect when pulled out eliminating the need to iron in functional and fashionable styles.

As an image consultant   I know the struggle women have with finding what to wear even though they may have a closet full of clothing.  This inspired me to create a mix and match wardrobe that would consist of figure flattering pieces in a wide variety of colours and shapes that could easily take you from day to afternoon to evening.


 ELEVATE: Code Vitesse started off as a travel brand, how did you decide to make it an every day clothing brand? 

 Iram Sheikh: This happend when I found out where women were wearing the collections. Women were purchasing the collection to wear  to work, shopping, at home,  for casual and also formal occasions. For example, my ivory and blush pink collection have been sold for second weddings. My styles have been worn by on red carpet, on tour and on stage and not just for travel. So that’s where  the "any-wear, every-wear" came from.

Grendel April 114946F 

ELEVATE: Tell me a little bit about your brand name, Code Vitesse, how did this come to be?  What does it mean?  Why did you choose a French word? Is there a story behind this? 

 Iram Sheikh: Yes, there is a story behind the name and the logo .“Code” represents dress code and the system for today’s fashion-forward clothing that’s also highly functional and easy to wear.“Vitesse” means “speed” in French and it stands for the modern woman’s need for speed, for something quick and convenient that also makes a fabulous statement.The logo is called the flight logo. In addition to representing the V in "Vitesse" it's actually a bird in a modern art deco form. The bird represents flight and travel.


ELEVATE: The line has a variety of silhouettes to fit many body types, what goes into the planning of new shapes and styles to ensure they accommodate different body types?

Iram Sheikh: As an image consultant I have studied the body types of various women so all different body shapes are taken in to consideration when designing.  Each sample is tried and tested on real women's bodies and samples will be repeated until perfection. The focus is on simplicity, but with complex cuts that make the fabric move flow and drape in all the right places.

Grendel April 114941F 

ELEVATE: The material for the clothing is high quality and very forgiving, where did you find this textile? Can you explain a bit about the material and why it’s such a great success for the brand? 

 Iram Sheikh: Fabric sourcing and researching was challenging. It took me more then two years to find the perfect fabric. There are many polyester spandex blends on the market, but ours is not only the perfect weight, it is soft and luxurious in both appearance and feel. Our fabric never lints or shrinks and it always looks new. It's washable, stretchy, comfortable and travel friendly, easy to care for and always wearable exactly when you need it. Our signature fabric retains its shape and resists wrinkles naturally. All our apparel is proudly manufactured right here in Canada. We feel strongly about supporting our local economy and creating the highest quality clothing for our customers.


ELEVATE: How many shapes do you introduce each season? Does each season's collection have an inspiration to it?

 Iram Sheikh: Anywhere between 50 to 70 shapes and styles. This Summer the inspiration was an indirect nautical feel. My previous season had a rich royal sensation, but each season the mix and match collection is made to integrate with past seasons collections so women can add to their previous collections effortlessly.


ELEVATE: What are some of your favourite pieces from the current spring/summer collection?

Iram Sheikh: I have been wearing the Soko pant and keyhole cardigan with the slim side slit tank quite a bit. I love the look , modern yet classy .

ELEVATE: What’s your personal favourite piece from the current collection and why?

 Iram Sheikh: I love the flare dress it so easy to wear and very flattering . During the day I love wearing it with tights or flats and I dress it up at night with some heels and jewelry .


Looking to buy clothing from Code Vitesse?  Check out Code Vitesse or call 1844-885-4466 so you find out the closest boutique near your or an online retailer.