Introducing a new clothing line that flatters any body—and we guarantee it will make you feel amazing!

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In winter, many of us try to whittle our waists with complicated gym routines and gruelling diets that take a toll on our confidence. Instead of trying to squeeze into a sample size, why not love our bodies and seek out clothing that’s beautifully made to flatter any shape?

Sympli (visit for retail locations), a Canadian-made clothing line, empowers women to feel comfortable, confident and sexy knowing that their clothing fits well. Jan Stimpson, creator of the brand, says, “It was really important to accommodate most of the women out there who don’t have a perfect form and who aren’t a size two.”

It’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling down about fashion sizing, but it’s also important to remember that the industry changes these numbers even when your body stays the same. “I found that I couldn’t even go shopping for things I used to enjoy because now I was termed an extra-large and I used to be a size 10,” explains Stimpson. “I just found that really depressing. A lot of acquaintances and friends around me were having the same problem.”

Another Reason to Love Sympli

Sympli supports The Looking Glass Foundation (, a group of mothers who help youth facing eating disorders. Through their donations, Stimpson hopes Sympli will be able to help grow the foundation to raise awareness and increase resources available to those in need.