If you haven’t already noticed, indoor cycling is a workout trend that blew up this past summer and is here to stay for the fall and beyond. We’ve tried out a couple of studios in Toronto and can’t get enough—but don’t just take our word for it. We met up with Gabby Etrog Cohen, Senior Vice President of brand strategy for Soul Cycle, a cycle bar that has over 70 locations in the US and now in Canada, and she gave us four reasons you need to try indoor cycling now! 


1. Low Impact on Your Joints

"There's only a few ways to get cardio and unlike other types of cardio, spinning is incredibly low-impact on your joints, but has a high calorie burn."

2. Choose Your Intensity

Indoor cycling is really customizable. "You can turn it up hard or take it easy when you need to. You are your biggest coach."

3. Killer Core & Upper-Body Sculpt

At Soul Cycle, we created our own bike where there is quite a distance from your handle bars and seat. This distance engages the core and certainly your lower body,” says Cohen. Each class at Soul Cycle also includes a three-to eight-minute segment of upper-body training to work your arms, shoulders and chest.

4. It's a Cardio Party

"The bike is there to be your vehicle. It’s like dancing on a bike and we ride to the beat of the music. Anyone can dance as long as they can hear the beat of the music. We’re about making exercise joyful.”