Nip nasty snacking habits in the bud with these four expert tips.

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Snacking is a vital part of our diets, but only when it’s done right! It’s easy to let your snacking go off the rails. To help keep your waistline in check for bikini season, we enlisted registered dietitian and nutritionist Jessica Fishman Levinson to give you empowering snacking tips that will help you manage your appetite while still feeling satiated depending on your usual eating habits.

Mindless Muncher

Eating is simply a daily task on your to-do list that often gets in the way of your schedule. You’re so distracted, you’re not really sure what you eat while in front of your computer at your desk or during your Netflix binges at home.

Levinson's Tip: Use all your senses when you eat! Look at your food, feel the texture, listen to the sound it makes when you chew and really savour the taste. Over time, you’ll find that you’ll enjoy your food more and eat less if you consume mindfully.

On-the-Go Grazer

You take care of a lot of people and things: Your kids, your partner, your business and maybe even an elderly parent. You’re often on the go and eating while driving or running to a meeting. Anything edible that comes your way is acceptable.

Levinson's Tip: Pack healthy snacks, such as fruit, trail mix and portioned meals from a weekly home-cooked batch, in your purse so that you’ll eat well when you’re on the road.

Stressed-Out Snacker

It’s deadline week at work, your mom is in the hospital or you’re moving in a week and you haven’t packed. No matter what the trigger, snacking comforts you because it helps you get through that moment of crisis.

Levinson's Tip: Before reaching for a chocolate bar when crisis strikes, take a deep breath and go for a short walk to clear your mind of what is bothering you first. Chances are, your naughty cravings will disappear!

All-or-Nothing Nosher

You may not snack a lot because you stick to a strict diet, but when you crack, you surrender to an entire bag of chips, a massive bowl of popcorn or an entire block of cheese all at once, no hesitation.

Levinson's Tip: Give yourself permission to eat what you want—after all, a handful of chips won’t kill you! But before big-ticket meals like a buffet or a trip to the concession counter, curb your appetite with a healthy smoothie enriched with fibre.

Take the Edge Off

Curb bad eating habits of hangry pangs by putting two scoops of Meta Appetite Control ($29, major retailers) in 240 millilitres of cool liquid, such as water or organic orange juice. Either take it as a daily fibre supplement or before a meal so you don't overindulge!