It's never too late to start getting a clue about fashion. So how about a little back-to-school shopping?

Suzanne Colmer of Your Shop Girl in Toronto gives us expert tips on dressing our age, in impeccable style.

Trend alert: The 70's

The 70's nostalgia that emerged this spring is still going strong. "Think wide leg pants, bell bottoms and fur detailing," says Colmer. Sheer fabrics and pleating can help dress up this trend. "And unlike last fall where the shoulder was the centre of attention, there isn't really a "body part of the season" on display. Instead the aesthetic is strictly tailored with a mix of masculine and feminine."

Go with what works

"Find out what really suits your particular body shape and personality style and stick to it," says Colmer. "Avoid following trends that feel like costumes. Also, as your body shape changes, ensure that you choose or tailor your clothes appropriately. You should be confident and comfortable in what you wear. Style is not about an age, it is about an attitude." Amen, sister!

Tailoring is key

According to our expert, tailoring is the key to fashion success. "It does not matter what type of fabric it is made of or what incredible designer name is on the tag. If it does not fit right it will not look right." (Oh yes, and a really great pair of shoes never hurts!)

Mimic style icons

"Think of Audrey Hepburn or Jackie O. If the style can be plucked from its original context and placed in any decade or situation and still look put together and current, it is definitely timeless," says Colmer. As for current day style icons, the closets she most wants to raid are Gwyneth Paltrow's and Olivia Palermo's. "I tend to gravitate towards a classic style with a slight touch of originality."

Call in the expert

If you feel like you're in a never-ending fashion slump, it could be because you're choosing the wrong colours. This fall, Your Shop Girl is launching an online colour analysis to help women learn which colours work best for them. "I find this can help my clients shop more effectively while mixing and matching clothes more effortlessly and with more creativity, since they tend to stay within a coordinating palette."

Colmer's top ten-must have pieces are:

1. A great t-shirt with a neckline that follows the shape of your face

2. A pair of jeans that you would sleep in if you could

3. A great pair of good quality dress pants or a skirt &mdash generally women are either pant or skirt people so you don't necessarily need both

4. A go-everywhere, do-everything dress

5. A handbag that will last forever and fit comfortably over your shoulder

6. A watch that will make people ask you where you purchased it

7. A classic pair of pumps

8. A coloured ballet flat

9. A necklace that will go with any piece in your closet

10. A trench that allows you to wear your pajamas underneath and still look good.