labiaplastyDescription: Labiaplasty reduces or reshapes the labia minora– the skin that covers the female clitoris and vaginal opening. Some women with large labia get the procedure because they experience pain when wearing tight clothes or during sex, while others just want a mini makeover of their nether-regions. The procedure can also be performed on the labia majora– the outer lips– as well as other areas of the vagina, for more esthetic reasons.

How it's done: The procedure takes about two hours under local anesthesia and light sedation. Several techniques exist to reduce the labia minora: trimming the excess tissue, removing a wedge-shaped section of tissue or removing the top layer of a section of the labia while keeping the underlying tissue intact. Your surgeon will determine the best method. After surgery, you may have to wear a menstrual-type pad to absorb drainage and to provide padding. You'll also have to wear a girdle for six weeks, to provide compression and support. Results are permanent.

Complications: There are no major risks. Infrequent risks include bleeding, infection and scarring, changes in sensation, pigmentation, asymmetry, infection or wound separation.

Recovery: Mild discomfort and swelling usually disappear after one to two weeks. You can return to work in three to five days. You should refrain from sex for four to six weeks. Scars will soften and fade over time.

Cost: $4,000 and up.

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