How one young woman changed her life by pursuing plastic surgery.

Name: Amanda Torres

Procedure: Breast augmentation

Performed By: Dr. Michael J. Weinberg

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Unable to fill out a bra, Amanda Torres eventually grew tired of getting made fun of because she was flat-chested.

“You can only take it for so long. Every man would be like, ‘I have bigger boobs than you,’” says the 21-year-old. “It kind of gets to you after a while.”

Torres was a size 32AA. Bras were simply too big for her, and she also had trouble filling out dresses. She recalls having had her prom dress taken in around the bust area and having to wear padded cups because even then it was still too big for her.

She tried to brush off the disparaging comments. “But it still did bother me when I looked at myself in the mirror, and there was nothing there,” she admits. “I couldn’t even fill out a proper bra. It was really sad.”

Torres spent several years researching breast augmentation surgery. This included watching YouTube videos of other women who had gone through with the procedure. This helped give her a sense of ease about the surgery, seeing what she should expect if she were to go throughwith it.

“I realized it’s not such a big deal as I was making it out to be,” she says. “I was like, ‘I think I can do it and I’ll go through with it and I’ll actually be happy with myself afterwards.’”

Torres started researching different plastic surgeons and read reviews posted by others about their experiences. Eventually she came up with a list of 10 cosmetic surgeons that she liked. She did more research and ultimately booked a consultation with Dr. Michael J. Weinberg. She remembers feeling slightly nervous when she visited his office.“He makes you feel really comfortable and he personally e-mailed me so that made me feel really confident,” she says.

Torres had made her decision, and her mom was supportive from the outset, but she still had to get her father’s support for the procedure before going through with it. “I was just really honest and I tried to explain to him how much it really does bother me and it took him a couple of weeks—he didn’t realize it bothered me so much,” she says. Soon her father was on board, too.

The day of her operation, Torres was almost bursting with anticipation. “I was just so flat-chested, to actually think I’m going to come out with boobs, it was a pretty exciting process,” she recalls. “I remember the day of the surgery the anesthesiologist said ‘I’ve never seen anybody so excited to go for surgery before.’”

Doing research ahead of time helped make Torres feel prepared for the day of the operation. She knew what to expect and what the healing process would be like. Torres was placed under a general anesthetic. An hour and a half later, Torres woke up as a size 32C. She remembers feeling her chest and being “overcome with happiness.”Although it’s only been a month since the procedure, having a breast augmentation has already had a huge impact on Torres’ life. “I got to go bra shopping for the first time and just to be able to go to the store and find cute bras that actually fit for once. I was really excited,” she says.

And although Torres says she’s always been confident, her confidence has received an even greater boost. “When I look in the mirror I have a huge smile and I’m glowing,” she says. “If you’re doing it for yourself it really does boost your confidence in the end. It makes you feel so good about yourself.”


Dr. Michael J. Weinberg, B.Sc., MD, M.Sc., FRCS(C)

Toronto Plastic Surgery ClinicMississauga Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Clinic,

Elevate: What concerns did Amanda have when she visited you for an initial consultation?

Dr. Weinberg: She said she didn’t fit into her clothes, she didn’t feel proportionate and she said her breasts were just too small: she never felt comfortable with them.

Elevate: Why was Amanda a good candidate for a breast augmentation?

Dr. Weinberg: She was a good candidate because she had realistic expectations, she wanted something natural and she had the right shaped breasts to give a good result.

Elevate: What does this procedure involve?

Dr. Weinberg: An incision is placed underneath the breast in the fold and then the implant is placed under the muscle. The muscle is cut along the bottom and then you sew it up. So you need an incision to get in, you need a pocket to put it in and then you need to sew it up so that you recreate the layers so that it gives the same shape of the breast.

Elevate: What incisions were made for this procedure?

Dr. Weinberg: You can make an incision around the nipple or underneath the breast or through the armpits, but I use the incision underneath the breast most frequently. I think it’s safer, the incision is well hidden and the risk of scarring around the implant is less.

Elevate: What is recovery like, and how does the patient look and feel afterwards?

Dr. Weinberg: They can do most things within 24 hours. It’s quite sore, but it’s surprising how fast patients get over it. The first day or so it’s quite sore, but then usually within three to five days they can drive, within two weeks they can do lower body exercises and four weeks they can do upper body exercises.It’s swollen, sometimes they have bruising and it goes down over the next six to 12 weeks. It usually takes a year for a wound to heal, but most of it is gone in three months.

Elevate: What is the average cost of this procedure?

Dr. Weinberg:The average cost ranges between $6,000 to $10,000.

Elevate: Who should have this procedure done?

Dr. Weinberg: The best candidate is someone who has realistic expectations, who is able to understand and is willing to accept the risks and benefits, who is healthy and someone who has breasts with minimal hanging.

Elevate: What kind of feedback do you get from patients who have undergone a breast augmentation?

Dr. Weinberg: The vast majority are very happy, as long as they have realistic expectations. The thing about breast implants is, you want to put in something that fits the original breast shape.