See an inspiring liposuction on one of the hardest areas to tone: the outer thigh.

Name: Jen

Age: 32

Procedure: Laser-assisted liposuction of the outer thighs

Performed by: Dr. Sean Rice

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ELEVATE: Why did you decide to have liposuction?
JEN: I’ve always had issues with extra weight around my outer thighs, and even though I’ve eaten nutritiously and exercised my whole life, that part of me didn’t ever change. I finally had enough and decided to get professional help to deal with the area.

ELEVATE: How did you choose Dr. Rice as your surgeon?
JEN: I work in the cosmetic enhancement industry and knew of him. No matter who I talked to, I always heard the same thing: that he was well-respected, professional and had a great track record, so I set up a consultation.

ELEVATE: How did you feel after the procedure?
JEN: There was definitely some discomfort, and wearing the compression garment for a few weeks after wasn’t exactly fun, but I was in good enough shape to go back to work the day after the procedure. As far as overall pain, it felt comparable to what you’d experience after a really good workout at the gym. Very tolerable.

ELEVATE:  Did you get the results you hoped for?
JEN: The results are exactly what I was looking for. I went from never seeing results in that area to such a huge improvement that it helped me get to another fitness level. I’ve lost more weight since having the procedure done and am encouraged to keep going.

ELEVATE: Would you recommend Dr. Rice to others?
JEN: Absolutely! In my opinion Dr. Rice is the best surgeon out there. He’s so kind, he takes the time to explain things in a way that you’re never left with questions, and his staff is awesome. I’d recommend him in a heartbeat.

Ask the doctor

Dr. Sean Rice, MD, MSc, FRCSC
Rice Cosmetic Surgery

ELEVATE: What were Jen’s initial concerns and what was your plan for addressing them?
DR. RICE: Jen’s concerns were that she wanted to deal with her saddle bags, but in a minimally invasive way that could be performed under local anesthetic. She was worried that traditional liposuction would not help tighten the loose areas of skin in those areas, so I worked out a plan to address each of these issues.

ELEVATE:  Did you have any concerns regarding her candidacy for treatment?
DR. RICE: No, because she was realistic about her expectations and had good skin tone that tends to respond well to laser skin tightening. If she had had excess, loose skin and multiple stretch marks, that would have been potentially problematic since that skin type may not respond well to this treatment.

ELEVATE:  How long does the procedure take, and what are the after effects?
DR. RICE: The actual procedure takes less than an hour and can be performed under local anesthetic in the office. With traditional liposuction the fat is removed under pressure with a cannula, causing swelling and bruising that takes four-to-six weeks to heal. Using laser-assisted liposuction, the fat is melted while the thermal effect of the laser helps skin contract, leading to overall tightening. It’s a much gentler way to contour the body.

ELEVATE: What’s the average cost of laser assisted liposuction?
DR. RICE: The cost varies, but generally starts at approximately $4,500.