One women tell us how a rhinoplasty procedure changed her life.

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NAME: Amanda

AGE: 31

PROCEDURE: Rhinoplasty

PERFORMED BY: Dr. Kris Conrad

ELEVATE What made you decide to have the procedure done?

AMANDA: “It’s something I’d wanted to do since I was 10 years old. My nose was always on the large side and as I got older the side profile bothered me more and more. The tip of my nose drooped and overall my nose was a little crooked. I tried to convince myself I could live with it the rest of my life, but decided I didn’t want to. One day I woke up and decided to look into plastic surgeons.”

ELEVATE How did you choose Dr. Conrad?

AMANDA: “I think he was the fifth doctor I saw for a consultation and as soon as I spoke with him I stopped looking. He was a lot warmer than the others I’d met, and we developed a rapport right off the bat. For me, the real clincher was seeing what he did with my photos to show me how my nose could look. I’d told him what bothered me and he was able to present me with a photo and option that delivered exactly what I had envisioned.”

ELEVATE What was the procedure like, and how long after it was done did you notice results?

AMANDA: “It was so much better than I expected. I thought I’d be nervous because it’s surgery, but Dr. Conrad and his staff put me at such ease throughout the whole process that I don’t remember being anxious even on the table. When I woke, I had a bit of pain and was a little foggy, but the aftercare was amazing – he came in to see me and make sure I was okay, and his nurse stayed the whole night to check on me – and when I got a glimpse of the results a week after surgery, all I could do was cry.”

ELEVATE How do you feel about your nose now?

AMANDA: “Ecstatic. Even when I was still swollen and bruised I could tell it was going to be great. I would do it again in a heartbeat and recommend him to anyone considering having the surgery done.”



Plastic Cosmetic Surgery Institute & Laser Centre, Toronto,

ELEVATE What were Amanda’s concerns with her nose?

DR. CONRAD: “Amanda did not like her nose because of its long nasal bridge and drooping nasal tip. She made a decision to interview a number of surgeons, compare their results and choose one who she had reason to believe would give her a natural and desired result.”

ELEVATE Is there an ideal candidate for this surgery?

DR. CONRAD: “Emotionally stable patients with realistic expectations and anatomical features that, on objective assessment, are exaggerated are usually the best candidates for rhinoplasty.”

ELEVATE Are there any post-operative steps you advised her to take or avoid?

DR. CONRAD: “The post-operative instructions were simple and mainly focused on avoiding strenuous exercise for up to six weeks. The nose is sensitive for a number of months to sunburn and frostbite. Reasonable precautions must be taken to ensure it is protected.”

ELEVATE How long following surgery are results visible?

DR. CONRAD: “The nasal case is removed seven days following surgery, and one or two visits are scheduled during the first two months. The final post-operative examination takes place toward the end of the first year.”

ELEVATE What’s the average cost of this type of procedure?

DR. CONRAD: “The surgical fees depend on the complexity of the correction and the surgeon’s technique and experience. Fees can range from $7,000 to $12,000 for a first-time rhinoplasty, and higher for noses that require revision.”