One women tells us how a rhinoplasty procedure boosted her confidence.

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NAME: Jamal

AGE: 25

PROCEDURE: Septorhinoplasty

PERFORMED BY: Dr. Robert Mounsey

ELEVATE Why did you have rhinoplasty done?

JAMAL: “I had a hump on my nose that caused it to droop at the tip, and after living with it and wanting a change since I was about 14 years old, I finally decided it was time to have these issues rectified.”

ELEVATE How did you choose Dr. Mounsey as your plastic surgeon?

JAMAL: “I read about him and his work online, and initially went to see him about an issue I was having with my thyroid. While I was there, I talked to him about having work done on my nose and he set me at easy right away when he listened intently to what I was hoping to have changed. When he took a few photos and showed me the options I had for end results, and made a point of keeping them all natural-looking – which is what I wanted – I knew I’d found the right doctor.”

ELEVATE How did you feel once the surgery was finished?

JAMAL: “When I had my first glimpse at how it looked with the hump gone and the tip lifted, I was sort of shocked. Even though Dr. Mounsey had informed me that there would be a difference in where my upper lip sat, I guess I didn’t really prepare myself for it. When I told him I was having trouble adjusting to the change, he suggested I look into lip plumping procedures and treatments, which I did and they’ve helped a lot. Now I look in the mirror and am so pleased with what I see.”

ELEVATE Would you recommend rhinoplasty to other women who don’t love their nose?

JAMAL: “Your face is the one part of you that’s always on display to the world, and my opinion is that if someone isn’t completely happy with his or hers, it’s okay to consider changing it. Based on this experience alone, my confidence has been impacted 100 percent and I think it’s worth it for others to at least explore the options available to them.”



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ELEVATE What concerns did Jamal have with her nose during her initial visit?

DR. MOUNSEY: “Jamal came to me wanting a natural result from surgery. She requested

that the tip of her nose be refined and sculpted, but she did not want it to look operated on. Because she had a large hook that she also wanted minimized, after our consultation, my concern was to make sure that the tip was sculpted properly since Jamal experienced breathing problems and was unaware they were due to nasal septal dislocation that was blocking her breathing passage. This is a very difficult deformity to correct and must be recognized and handled carefully before and during surgery.”

ELEVATE What procedure did you recommend and why?

DR. MOUNSEY: “I recommended a septorhinoplasty, which reshapes the nose and its underlying bone and cartilage to give the most natural result. By making a small incision at the base of the nose to do the sculpting and refinement necessary (to correct the septal deviation and tip refinement), this was the best approach to give her the result she wanted.”

ELEVATE Is there an ideal candidate for this procedure?

DR. MOUNSEY:“An ideal candidate is anyone who desires a change in their nasal appearance or who has trouble breathing from his or her nose. The modern techniques of rhinoplasty today allow for a wide range of noses to be improved in terms of function and appearance, and leave patients with an improved sense of well-being and confidence.”

ELEVATE How long should patients expect their recovery period to be following surgery?

DR. MOUNSEY: “Patients are told the cast is removed after one week, that bruising and swelling usually will resolve by two weeks, and that they’ll have a good indication of end results one month after surgery. We also advise them that it will continue to heal for one full year after surgery so they understand that the final result will not be seen until then.”

ELEVATE What’s the average cost of this type of procedure?

DR. MOUNSEY: “Because rhinoplasty is an elaborate undertaking and complications can occur, most experienced surgeons performing the procedure vary the fee between $4,000 to $10,000, depending on the complexities of the work involved.”