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Elaine S.*

AGE: 72
PROCEDURE: Crowns, bite adjustment, implantation
PERFORMED BY: Dr. Patrick Pedlar

12 09 casestudy1

As told to Liz Bruckner

*Patient name has been changed

ELEVATE: Why did you decide to seek out treatment for your teeth?

ELAINE: I'd always been unhappy with my teeth. I would cover my mouth when I smiled or laughed, and had almost resigned myself to just living with it. When I retired, I made the decision to finally do something about it, and began looking for the right professional to help me achieve my goal.

ELEVATE: How did you choose Dr. Pedlar as your specialist?

ELAINE: I'd spoken with my family dentist about wanting to fix my smile and since he doesn't perform the extensive work I needed for this kind of change, he referred me to Dr. Pedlar. He was very complimentary about Dr. Pedlar's work and ability, and was sure I would be happy with the experience and result.

ELEVATE: What was the experience like?

ELAINE: The work I had done with
Dr. Pedlar was very comfortable. He's always professional, went out of his way to make sure I was at ease, and kept me informed throughout the entire process. I've had a lot of dental work done in my life—most of it very traumatic—and my time with him was such a great experience. It was certainly better than I'd ever anticipated it would or could be.

ELEVATE: How do you feel about the results?

ELAINE: I feel wonderful! Dr. Pedlar is a perfectionist, he keeps you involved with what's happening, and his works speaks for itself. My teeth finally look the way I've always hoped they would, and I'm so much less self-conscious about my smile now. I've even had someone tell me out of the blue that they liked my teeth. I'd never heard that before in my life.


Dr. Patrick Pedlar, B.Sc., DDS, MSD, FRCD(C)
Burlington Restorative
Dentistry & Prosthodontics , Burlington, Ont.

ELEVATE: What procedures did Elaine undergo?

DR. PEDLAR: Many of Elaine's teeth had been patched together with white or silver fillings over the years, and while these types of fillings work well in specific locations when their size is small, once fillings become large, discoloured and lose their seal, upgrading to a ceramic veneer or crown is advisable. We provided ceramic restorations for her teeth weakened from large fillings, removed and replaced one of her teeth with an implant, and, since Elaine's bite was out of balance, we adjusted this prior to initiating the final rehabilitation.

ELEVATE: How long did Elaine's transformation take?

DR. PEDLAR: Schedules vary depending on how much time can be dedicated by the patient and the scope of work required. It's not unusual for patients to spend eight hours in a chair on one day, but this is reserved for complicated restorations that require a significant volume of treatment time. Elaine's care occurred over a couple of different phases to best suit her needs, and was completed just inside one year. Ultimately our goal is to provide the best possible treatment once and have it last a long, long time.

ELEVATE: What sort of after-care is required to maintain results?

DR. PEDLAR: Regular brushing twice a day and flossing once per day is the best way to take care of teeth. If manual dexterity is an issue, there are many aids available. Use of an antibacterial mouth rinse is also a benefit to most people. Regular cleanings are imperative as well.

ELEVATE: What's the average cost of these procedures?

DR. PEDLAR: Generally, to provide this high level of service, cost can range from approximately $1,500 to $2,000 per tooth, depending on the specific situation and materials used.