Looking to do a little self-renovation? Maybe it's time to consider a lift.


*Patient name has been changed

Known to create a "you, but better" appearance, lifts are good choices for those looking to enhance, rather than completely overhaul, their look. Here, three patients and their doctors speak about their uplifting experiences.

Case: The Executive

Joseph, 62
Face-neck lift, performed by:
Dr. Kris Conrad

Elevate: Why did you want to makeover your face?
Joseph: "I love my job and what I do, and wanted to continue working without looking tired. In my job as a sales executive, I'm competing with people who are much younger. I'm still in the game and I wanted to look more energetic."

Elevate: How did you choose your doctor?
Joseph: "I did some research, and Dr. Conrad came highly recommended by other doctors. I'm friends with some doctors and they knew of Dr. Conrad, as he's considered one of the best in the business."

Elevate: How long were you away from work?
Joseph: "In my busy job, I'm facing people, giving presentations and travelling from coast to coast, so it's difficult for me to take three weeks off. I was off work for two weeks, but you really should take three."

Elevate: How was your recovery?
Joseph: "There was minimal pain—just a little discomfort and some swelling. The bruising was also minimal and it
dissipated after four weeks. In the meantime, I used makeup to mask the bruising. Dr. Conrad was excellent in his care and followup visits, and I would highly recommend him
to anyone."

Elevate: What was the reaction from friends and co-workers after the procedure?
Joseph: "The comments I received were: "What did you do? You look good, you look different.' But nobody really knew what I had done!"