Sandy*, 50

Procedure: Breast lift

Performed by: Dr. Wayne Carman

*Patient name has been changed

Elevate: Why did you want to change your chest?
Sandy: "I don't look like I'm 50—I have healthy skin and hair, and my face looks young. I'm very healthy, but my breasts were sagging a bit and the nipples weren't lined up."

Elevate: How did you choose your doctor?
Sandy: "I asked some co–workers, as I knew a couple of them had the procedure done. I narrowed down my list of doctors and chose Dr. Carman because I heard the most positive things about his work. His office is also closest to me. Most importantly, he didn't try to upsell me anything else. He was very professional."

Elevate: How was your recovery?
Sandy: "It was 99.9 per cent positive. I followed exactly what the doctor told me to do: I didn't sleep on my stomach—I slept half–sitting—and my healing took about a month."

Elevate: How have the results affected you?
Sandy: "It's made me feel like a better person. Now, I look in the mirror and my nipples are in the same line. Before, the left breast was sagging more and it was bigger too. Now they're both the same size."

Ask the Doctor

Dr. Wayne Carman, Cosmetic Surgery Institute, Toronto

Who is the ideal candidate for a breast lift?
Dr. Carman: "The ideal patient has a significant overhang of breast tissue causing the breast shape to settle downward, giving a droopy look. The position of the nipple is generally too low and often points downward. Ideally, patients should not have plans to have more children, as future pregnancies may stretch the breast and undo some of the bene–fits of a lift."

How is a breast lift done?
Dr. Carman: "We make an incision around the nipple and then extend straight down toward the crease under the breast—in a sort of lollipop pattern. This approach achieves the nicest change in shape and the incision pattern heals extremely well. I use a general anesthetic, and patients go home the same day, after their post–op recovery."

Any tips for a smoother recovery?
Dr. Carman: "Some patients need several days to recover and get back to their normal day–to–day activities. I prescribe pain medication, but most patients experience very little pain. Avoid exercise and heavy lifting for three to four weeks post–op."

What is the cost of the procedure?
Dr. Carman: "Costs vary depending on the surgeon and whether it is done in a hospital or a private clinic. It typically costs from $6,000 to $8,000."

*Name have been changed to protect patient privacy.