Pam*, 52

Procedure: Breast lift and reduction

Performed by: Dr. Robert Sleightholm

*Patient name has been changed

Elevate: Why did you want a breast lift and reduction?
Pam: "Being athletic, my large breasts were uncomfortable—running was always a problem. My clothes never fit right, and finding bathing suits was usually difficult."

Elevate: How did you choose your doctor?
Pam: "I happen to know a lot of surgeons and had always heard good things about Dr. Sleightholm's practice. I went for the consult, and right from the moment I went in there to the moment the procedure was finished, it was so easy—going to the dentist is more of a challenge than getting a reduction and a lift was for me!"

Elevate: How would you describe your recovery?
Pam: "I felt like my recovery [started from] the day I had it done—there was no pain whatsoever. They tell you that you can't lift and pull for a few weeks, but it was so painless and such a great procedure, that I would actually forget I had it done."

Elevate: How has your new and improved bust changed your life?
Pam: "In the way of wardrobe, everything fits properly and everything looks better now. I look like I lost weight, which I guess I did, but it looked like it was ab weight and not breast weight. Overall, I went from a DD to a large C."

Elevate: Would you recommend this procedure to others?
Pam: "Absolutely—and I do recommend it all the time! It was the best thing I ever did—I only wish I had done it a long time ago."

Ask the Doctor

Dr. Robert Sleightholm, Brampton Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Clinic, Brampton, Ont.

Who is a good candidate for a breast lift?
Dr. Sleightholm: "A patient who has lost breast volume—not just skin—either through pregnancy, weight– loss or aging."

How is the procedure performed?
Dr. Sleightholm: "I review the procedure with the patient at the time of surgery and do pre–op markings. The surgery may take a couple of hours because we are basically reshaping the breast, and elevating the nipple, lifting it to a more ideal location. We reposition the breast tissue and re–orient the nipple, while removing redundant skin."

Any tips for a speedier recovery?
Dr. Sleightholm: "We apply cool compresses that may help reduce swelling. We also apply Steri–Strips over the incision to help with scarring. It also helps to maintain the wound integrity."

How does a patient maintain the best results after the procedure?
Dr. Sleightholm: "We recommend that patients wear a bra 24–7 immediately after the procedure, and continue to wear it for about four to six weeks after. This helps with the healing process by taking tension off of the incisions. It will also help shape the breast and maintain the result for a longer period of time."

*Name have been changed to protect patient privacy.