Caitlyn, 23

Procedure: Cosmetic dentistry

Performed by : Dr. Sol Weiss, DMD

*Patient name has been changed

Elevate: Caitlyn:
What work did you have done? "Gum surgery, bonding on the sides of my mouth, four veneers along the front and some whitening. I also had Botox to push my lip down."
Why did you decide to get these procedures done? "I was pretty unhappy with my teeth for years. When I smiled, they were smaller than I'd liked, and some of my gums showed, which made me uncomfortable."
How did you choose your doctor? "I work at Dr. Weiss' office, and know he's amazing at what he does. He's good at helping you make the best choice for your specific needs."
Why did you and your doctor decide on these procedures? "Considering I wanted larger teeth, gum surgery was the first thing we did. Then we moved on to do the bonding and veneers. Because I still had some gum showing, we then decided on Botox, because it drops your lips just a little bit more. The process took about one and a half months."
How was your recovery? "I had a little bit of bleeding and pain from gum surgery itself, but that lasted about a day and a half and then everything was fine. The Botox was obviously a pinch, but that was it!"
How did these procedures affect your quality of life? "It's given me a lot more confidence, because this was something that had bothered me for years and years. People have noticed and are complimenting me. And I don't have to smile a certain way in pictures to hide my teeth. I'm happier and more confident in my smile."

Ask the Doctor

Dr. Sol Weiss, DMD
Art of Dentistry, Toronto

Elevate: Dr. Weiss :
Describe the procedure you performed on Caitlyn. "We took someone who had many issues—a high smile line, a gummy smile, small teeth—that made her look more juvenile and did some crown lengthening using a laser to remove some gum, veneering, whitening and some Botox. The end result looks like I worked on more teeth than I actually did. But, we did just the right number of procedures to get the best result."
When is this type of cosmetic work required? "This is a case where the whole picture needs to change. We need to make the person more sure of himself or herself and feel good about how they look. Now, Caitlyn feels prettier after attaining her dental goals."
How do you determine and prioritize each procedure as part of the reconstruction? "It's like figuring out what you want the picture to look like in the end. First we have to establish the colour. If a person is doing a full mouth reconstruction, then we can go into preparing the teeth right away, but for this type of cosmetic work we needed to whiten all of her teeth first. This tells us the colour of the veeners. After the whitening, we did the gum surgery, fitted the veneers and then Botox."
Who is the ideal patient for this type of cosmetic work? "People who have a somewhat gummy smile or teeth that are a little bit too small or discoloured. The age group for this type of work is usually people in their 20s and 30s. Once people have reached 40 and 50, different type of work needs to be done."
What's the cost? "$5,000 and up."