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thigh body lift


Name:  JW

Procedure:  Thigh lift (and body lift)

Performed by:  Dr. Peter Bray


ELEVATE:  What prompted you to seek out treatment?

JW: I had lost over 100 pounds and had very loose skin as a result. I looked okay in loose clothing but was very uncomfortable wearing anything revealing because of the stretch marks, folds of skin and ripples that made me look like someone in their 80s.

ELEVATE: Why did you choose Dr. Bray?

JW: A friend of mine saw Dr. Bray for a similar situation and was very happy with the results. I couldn’t believe the transformation after her surgery, so I got in touch with him. When I met Dr. Bray for a consultation, I immediately felt comfortable. He spent a lot of time listening and answering questions. I also liked his honesty—he didn’t sugar coat anything, so I knew what I was getting into.

ELEVATE:  What was the procedure and recovery like?

JW: The actual day of the surgery was a breeze. I was terrified for my first surgery (a body lift), so when the thigh lift was about to be done, I was more relaxed because I knew what to expect. I had no pain when I woke up, but I felt it when I moved. I stayed at the facility overnight and was thankful to have the nurses there to help because moving around was initially challenging.

ELEVATE:  How do you feel about your results now?

JW: Happier. I can wear snug jeans comfortably, and there is no rubbing or flopping of the skin on my legs when I jog. My confidence has definitely improved, and I am now comfortable wearing shorts or a bathing suit.

ELEVATE:  Would you suggest Dr. Bray to people considering a similar procedure?

JW: Without hesitation. He really cares and isn’t a high-pressure salesman like other surgeons I initially consulted. He called me after my surgeries to check in and was very calm and professional but also funny.

Ask the Doctor

Dr. Peter Bray, MD, MSc, FRCSC, Dr. Bray Plastic Surgery,

ELEVATE: Why was this patient a good candidate for a thigh lift?

Dr. Bray: She was unhappy with loose, empty folds of skin in the inner thigh region after significant weight loss, and this amount of skin laxity made it impossible to achieve sufficient improvement via non-surgical or minimally invasive methods of skin tightening.

ELEVATE: What can patients expect during this procedure?

Dr. Bray:  A thigh lift involves removal of a wedge of loose skin from the inner thigh region, shifting the thigh skin upwards and securing the incision with layers of strong sutures. A resulting scar is located within the groin creases. Liposuction is often performed simultaneously to reduce pockets of excess fat and achieve a slimmer contour.

ELEVATE:  Are there any health conditions that would prevent someone from undergoing a thigh lift?

Dr. Bray: There are certain conditions that would make it relatively contraindicated, including diabetes, circulatory problems, autoimmune disorders, bleeding disorders, a history of blood clots or any condition that impairs the immune system. Candidates need to be in good overall health, motivated and non-smokers, and anyone taking immunosuppressant medications or blood thinners would generally not be a candidate for this procedure.

ELEVATE: What is the recovery period like?

Dr. Bray:  Patients must plan for adequate recovery time: Typically at least two weeks with minimal activity.  Light activity can be resumed and progress to low-demand work within two to three weeks after surgery. A return to full activity and exercise takes about six to eight weeks.

ELEVATE: What are the long-term results of this procedure?

Dr. Bray:  Patients can generally expect good long-term improvement of the inner thigh area. It’s normal to have some minor looseness return as the skin relaxes within the first few months post-surgery.