Sheila undergoes a leg procedure and boosts her confidence in the process.



Name: Sheila

Procedure: Endovenous radiofrequency ablation                 

Performed by: Dr. Sanjoy Kundu


ELEVATE: Why did you have this procedure done, and why did you choose Dr. Kundu?

Sheila: After two very painful vein-stripping surgeries (one was done in my mid-30s, another in my mid-40s) and a sclerotherapy procedure I had done five years ago, I went to see Dr. Kundu when my right leg started throbbing last year. He did an ultrasound and told me that my great saphenous vein was the issue and that I could try either laser ablation or radiofrequency ablation to alleviate the pain. I read about both and radiofrequency ablation seemed to have a quicker recovery time, so I chose it.

ELEVATE: What were your concerns?

Sheila: After having undergone two very invasive surgeries, I was concerned about the pain and recovery time.

ELEVATE: What was the procedure like?

Sheila: This procedure was miles apart from the surgeries I had. The pain was minimal, I was awake for it, and the incision made was tiny in comparison to those I’d received before. Dr. Kundu used ultrasound to guide a steel instrument into my leg to correct the vein issue, and I could hardly feel it.

ELEVATE: Was your recovery time what you expected?

Sheila: For two weeks, I wore surgical stockings to provide compression on the leg, followed the details on the check sheet that Dr. Kundu gave me and took ibuprofen for a few days. I had to walk for 10 minutes each hour on the day of the procedure to keep my circulation optimal, then built up to 20 minutes in the days following.

ELEVATE: How has this procedure affected you in the long term?

Sheila: I feel such relief. You can’t describe chronic pain to others, and to be free of that constant pain is incredible. I feel like I have my life back now. 

ELEVATE: Would you recommend this procedure and Dr. Kundu to others?

Sheila: Definitely! Dr. Kundu is very professional and up-to-date with the latest technology. He is also very compassionate, and that’s a rare combination. He is a special doctor and I’m thankful he was the one to help me.

1. Ask the Doctor

Dr. Sanjoy Kundu, MD, DABR, FRCPC The Vein Institute of Toronto,

ELEVATE: Why did you suggest this type of vein therapy for Sheila?

Dr. Kundu: We did a comprehensive consultation, including a venous insufficiency duplex ultrasound that demonstrated that Sheila had superficial venous reflux in her main axial superficial vein, specifically the great saphenous vein. We recommended an endovenous ablation procedure based on the presence of venous reflux on the venous insufficiency seen during ultrasound and her clinical symptoms.

ELEVATE: What does the procedure entail?

Dr. Kundu: Endovenous radiofrequency ablation procedures are minimally invasive, ultrasound-guided procedures using thermal energy to ablate the underlying incompetent axial superficial vein (the great saphenous vein). It’s performed under local anaesthetic in the clinic.

ELEVATE: Why was this patient a good candidate for this procedure?

Dr. Kundu: Sheila is a healthy, mobile patient in the recommended age range of 18 to 80, so she was a candidate for  the procedure.

ELEVATE: What are some of the advantages of this technique?

Dr. Kundu: Endovenous laser is minimally invasive and has very little downtime, the procedure time is short, there is no need for a general anaesthetic, and the patient is able to walk out after the procedure.

ELEVATE: What advice would you give other patients who are considering this procedure?

Dr. Kundu: I’d recommend that they first understand what the underlying problem is with a thorough diagnostic assessment, including ultrasound. Second, they should clearly understand what their treatment objectives are, knowing whether it’s for cosmetic reasons or for medical symptoms.