A little facial rejuvenation can change your life!



Name: Patricia

Procedure: Facial rejuvenation              

Performed by: Dr. Jamil Asaria

patricia facelife2

ELEVATE: What procedures did you have done?

Patricia: I had a face and neck lift, a brow lift, an upper and lower blepharoplasty, chin augmentation, chemical peels around the eyes and mouth and fat grafting.

ELEVATE: Why did you opt for these procedures and why did you choose Dr. Asaria?

Patricia: It took me about five years of research and contemplation regarding cosmetic surgery to decide. After seeing a friend’s face who was a previous patient of Dr. Asaria, getting details and hearing his effusive praise of the doctor, I didn’t even bother consulting other surgeons.

ELEVATE: What were your concerns about having this procedure done and how did you overcome them?

Patricia: The length of surgery (12-plus hours) made me nervous. Since I don’t drink or take any medication, I was worried about the effects afterwards. I overcame my concerns through excellent guidance and consultations with Dr. Asaria, as well as with support from my husband and daughter.

ELEVATE: How has having this procedure done changed the way you see yourself and feel about yourself?

Patricia: I definitely feel that I have cheated time and the way others see me. These procedures boosted not only my appearance but also my confidence. I feel like myself again and am very happy.

ELEVATE: Would you recommend this type of multi-procedure surgery to others?

Patricia: Since I had more than one procedure done at once, I would definitely encourage a one-shot deal. I would also definitely recommend Dr. Asaria. His artistic and realistic vision, coupled with kindness and superb skill sets, made my surgery the exciting, life-changing experience I anticipated.

Ask the Doctor

ELEVATE: What procedures did you perform on your patient?

Dr. Asaria: A facial rejuvenation that included a deep-plane facelift and neck lift, upper and lower eyelid surgery, a brow lift and facial fat grafting.

ELEVATE: What did these procedures entail?

Dr. Asaria: A brow lift and upper blepharoplasty alleviated heaviness above the eyes, and a lower blepharoplasty corrected for the puffiness of the lower lids. A deep-plane facelift with facial fat grafting improved the middle third of the face, and a neck lift tightened the jowls and the loose skin and muscle under the chin.

ELEVATE: Why was your patient Wanda a good candidate?

Dr. Asaria: Her facial aging was fairly consistent throughout her face, and the combined procedure we developed for her allowed for a balanced correction.

 ELEVATE: How have these procedures changed in terms of technique and effectiveness over time?

 Dr. Asaria: Facelift surgery has changed dramatically in recent years. The more advanced technique I use allows for repositioning of the soft tissues rather than pulling or stretching them. The use of facial fat grafting in combination with facelift surgery has revolutionized our ability to create a smooth and natural appearance.

ELEVATE: What changes can patients expect thanks to newer procedural developments?

Dr. Asaria: We are able to deliver much more natural and long-lasting results for our patients. It isn’t simply about “tightening” the face; it’s much more about replacing and augmenting lost volume.

ELEVATE: What advice would you give to other patients considering these procedures?

Dr. Asaria: I would encourage patients to explore the most advanced options in facial rejuvenation surgery. Choose a specialist who focuses on the face and who can deliver the best possible results using the most advanced techniques.