A patient finds new confidence with her natural-looking agumentation procedure.

breast augmentation confidence

Name: Undisclosed

Procedure: Bilateral breast augmentation

Performed by: Dr. Jerome Edelstein

breast agumentation before and after

ELEVATE: What made you decide to get this procedure done?

Patient 1: I always had small breasts and wanted them to be bigger ever since I can remember. But I also wanted to breastfeed, so I waited until after I had my two children. I went from a deflated, misshapen, small size B to an amazing full-size C.

ELEVATE: Did you have any reservations about the procedure before your consultation?

Patient 1: At first I wasn’t sure I was making the right decision. I have a young daughter and didn’t want to send her the wrong message about her body as she was heading into her preteens. But I am very happy I did go through with it and, for once in my life, I did what was best for me.

ELEVATE:  Why did you decide on Dr. Edelstein?

Patient 1: It was a long, well thought out decision, that took me three years from the time I met with my first doctor. The best doctor for me was Dr. Edelstein because he was patient, kind and comforting. He was the only doctor to tell me I didn’t need a lift, which I questioned for so long. I’m glad I decided to go with him and took his advice to pass on the breast lift.

ELEVATE: What did you experience during your procedure and recovery?

Patient 1: Recovery was harder than I thought, and for the first six months my chest was sore and tender. I couldn’t move my arms for days, and I couldn’t do anything myself for about a week. I’m very glad I gave myself four days without the kids to rest, with my husband home to help out.

ELEVATE:  How did you feel about your new look after the procedure?

Patient 1: It has been a full year [since the surgery] and everything is great. I love them so much.

ELEVATE:  What advice do you have for people thinking of getting breast augmentation surgery?

Patient 1: If you really want implants, you should get them. Do what makes you happy. Most of all, [make sure you] see a great doctor. Dr. Jerome Edelstein, in my opinion, is the best.

Ask the Doctor

Dr. Jerome Edelstein, MD, FRCSC

Edelstein Cosmetic, edelsteincosmetic.com

ELEVATE: Why was this patient a good candidate for breast augmentation?

Dr. Edelstein: She had lost breast volume after having two children. She was also realistic about what we could achieve with the surgery.

ELEVATE: What can patients expect during the procedure?

Dr. Edelstein: The procedure takes approximately 1.5 hours and there is zero pain as the patient is completely asleep under general anaesthesia. There is some soreness after the surgery, but most patients feel it was less than they expected. If someone has a desk job, I recommend a week off work. If they have more of a physical job, they require two weeks off. For the first two weeks after the surgery, they wear a tensor bandage wrapped around their upper breast and chest, as well as a surgical bra. After two weeks, they continue recovery wearing a sports bra.

ELEVATE: What were the patient’s biggest concerns?

Dr. Edelstein: Her deflated look after having children.

ELEVATE: What are some of the changes in breast augmentation surgery that you’ve noticed throughout your career?

Dr. Edelstein: There has been a big move away from saline implants to the modern silicone cohesive gel implants.

ELEVATE: What are some new techniques you’ve taken on that have improved the patient’s experience during and/or after breast augmentation surgery?

Dr. Edelstein: One procedure is a bloodless breast augmentation. This use of instrumentation allows you to ensure there is no bleeding when the implants are put in to help reduce complications after breast augmentation surgery.

ELEVATE: What are the misconceptions or common concerns people have about the surgery?

Dr. Edelstein: The most common misconception is that the patient’s new breasts will look fake. In fact, 85 per cent of my patients want a natural, proportionate look.

ELEVATE: What advice can you give patients who are unsure about getting breast augmentation surgery?

Dr. Edelstein: This is my most common procedure, and I see how happy it makes my patients. In fact, I call it my “happy surgery.” Combine this with the very low complication rate and I would say they should arrange a consultation,  get informed and go for it!