One patient's decision to under go power assist liposuction to slim down her midsection.

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Name: Undisclosed

Procedure: Power assist liposuction

Performed by: Dr. Robert Sleightholm

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ELEVATE: What procedure did you have done?

Patient: I had liposuction done on the lumbar area.

ELEVATE: What made you decide to get this procedure done?

Patient: I had been going to Dr. Sleightholm for other procedures since 2005, but there were still some troubling areas that I wanted to take care of.

ELEVATE: What did you experience during your procedure and recovery?

Patient: I was back to work in two days and I wore my compression garment. I was fine.

ELEVATE: How did you feel about your new look after the procedure?

Patient: I had thick, heavy fat deposits in the lumbar area, but right away, even though I was still swollen, I was very happy.

ELEVATE: What advice do you have for people thinking of getting liposuction?

Patient: You have to have realistic goals—it’s not for major fat removal. If you have a couple of problem areas, it’s a good way to take care of that last little bit.


Dr. Robert Sleightholm, Hons. BSc, MD, FRCSC

Brampton Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa

ELEVATE: What type of liposuction procedure did you perform on your patient?

Dr. Sleightholm: Power assist liposuction of the lumbar area.

ELEVATE: Why was your patient a good candidate for the procedure?

Dr. Sleightholm: She had localized fat, good skin quality and realistic goals about her procedure.

ELEVATE: What does the procedure encompass?

Dr. Sleightholm: I prefer doing the procedure under general anaesthesia. The patient is positioned prone, the skin is prepped with chlorhexidine and the area is draped with sterile drapes. Five-millimetre incisions are made in the lumbar roll. A tumescent solution (Xylocaine and Adrenalin) is infiltrated into the fat to reduce bleeding. The area is widely undermined and the fat is aspirated. The incisions are closed with absorbable sutures and dressed with gauze and the patient is placed in a compression garment.

ELEVATE: What were your patient’s biggest concerns?

Dr. Sleightholm: She had excess fat and rolls in the lumbar area, and the waist and buttocks lacked definition.

ELEVATE: Why should patients choose this liposuction procedure instead of other similar procedures?

Dr. Sleightholm: Non-surgical fat reduction technology produces very modest results. Energy-based liposuction (ultrasound, laser, radio frequency) may contribute to more scarring.

ELEVATE: What advice would you give patients who are unsure about getting liposuction?

Dr. Sleightholm: The patient should be realistic in what can be achieved when dieting and exercise are not targeting the areas they want. The procedure is safe, the post-operative pain is mild, and the recovery downtime is short.

ELEVATE: What are some misconceptions about getting liposuction?

Dr. Sleightholm: Many people believe that liposuction reduces weight. Despite the fact that the incisions are small, there is extensive undermining and loss of fluid. Often patients come in for liposuction of multiple areas, but there are limitations on how much can be taken. Longer operating times might increase risks.