Cathy's facelift rejuvenates her look.

Name: Cathy

Procedure: Injectable facelift with Restylane and Perlane fillers plus Dysport

Performed by: Dr. Cory Goldberg

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Elevate: What procedure did you have done?

Cathy: I had Derma fillers (Restylane and Perlane) on various places on my face (cheeks, under-eye hollows, nose and chin) as well as Dysport to minimize crow’s feet and relax forehead muscles and frown lines between my eyebrows.

Elevate: What made you decide to get this done?

Cathy: I am 58 years old, and was beginning to lose the elasticity/firmness in my face, as well as having more wrinkles than I would like because of too much sun exposure. I felt that I looked tired, and I wanted to feel rejuvenated.

Elevate: What did you experience during your procedure and recovery?

Cathy: The procedures were very gentle. I was administered some topical freezing prior to getting the injectables to minimize any pain or discomfort. Dr. Goldberg and his nurse explained everything to me, and made me feel very comfortable. After receiving the Derma fillers, I had slight bruising on one cheek, but it was minimal, and easy to cover with a little makeup. I was recommended to ice the area to help with the bruising.

Elevate: How did you feel about your new look after the procedure?

Cathy: I was very pleased with the results! I looked more refreshed and less tired looking. The hollows/dark circles under my eyes were gone and my nose and chin were much more symmetrical. I have had a scar on the end of my nose for many years as a result of having a cyst removed and it looked so much better. I loved that!

Elevate: What advice do you have for people thinking of getting facial injectables?

Cathy: I would suggest that they do their research prior to choosing a doctor. Ask for a consultation to find out what their recommendations are, and what the cost will be. Obviously, that will help to determine what areas will help you to get the most desired results. I highly recommend Dr. Goldberg and his staff. They were very professional and took the time to explain all my options.


Dr. Cory S. Goldberg, BSc, MD, MASc, FRCS(C)

Elevate: What procedure did you perform on Catherine?

Dr. Goldberg: She had injections with filler (Restylane, Perlane), platelet rich plasma (Selphyl), and a neuromodulator (Dysport). She also had fractionated laser (Sciton Profractional), and radio-frequency skin tightening (Thermage). She was treated with oral nutraceuticals to promote skin health and improve recovery from her procedures (GliSODin Skin Nutrients).

Elevate: Why was Catherine a good candidate?

Dr. Goldberg: She had the classic components of aging including sun damages, volume loss, expression lines, and loss of skin integrity.

Elevate: What can patients expect if they were to administered similar treatment?

Dr. Goldberg: Each of the non-invasive procedures involved minor risks, such as bruising. Down time varies for each from a few minutes for Thermage to a few hours after injections to a couple of days for fractionated laser.

Elevate: What were Catherine’s biggest concerns?

Dr. Goldberg: She explained that she was just looking for rejuvenation. Her biggest issues were skin quality, her cheeks and eyelids.

Elevate: Why should a patient choose injectables for their facial procedure instead of a surgical option?

Dr. Goldberg: Injectables and non-invasive options have few risks, lower upfront cost, and minimal down time. Surgery often delivers more, and requires less maintenance. The risks and benefits of all options need to be weighed.

Elevate: What advice do you give patients unsure about getting facial injectables?

Dr. Goldberg: You will need a series of treatments with a variety of components to get the best results. You need to recognise the limitations of non-invasive treatments, which can give impressive and natural results, but can’t necessarily accomplish what surgery can.