Fixing the gaps in his teeth made for a more seamless smile.

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Name: Shahid

Procedure: Orthodontics and Implants

Performed by: Dr. Sol Weiss

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ELEVATE: What procedure did you have done?

Shahid: I had cosmetic work done to fix the gaps in my teeth, plus veneers, crowns and a bridge.  

ELEVATE: Did you have any reservations about the surgery before visiting Dr. Weiss?

Shahid: I didn’t have any reservations. Dr. Weiss was my guy and I followed every step as he suggested.

ELEVATE: What did you experience during your recovery?

Shahid: The recovery was a breeze. I did have concerns with how my teeth and gums felt about a month or so after the procedure. Dr. Weiss explained the healing nature of my situation and answered my concerns.

ELEVATE: How did you feel about your new look after the surgery?

Shahid: I was more than thrilled about the final result. Dr. Weiss absolutely perfected what I couldn’t even imagine. I had no idea that my smile was going to be as perfect as it turned out.

ELEVATE: What advice do you have for people thinking of getting a similar procedure?

Shahid: I would advise anybody thinking about doing this to trust Dr. Weiss. The whole process is trying. The braces and the surgery to correct the bite were arduous, but think of it as the ultimate project. Dr. Weiss will surprise you with how good the outcome will be. Just take the plunge and let the experts do their work. My sincere gratitude to Dr. Weiss, but the credit goes to Bruce Freeman, who did the work getting the bite to work. Dr. Leslie David was part of the dream team, responsible for the bone surgery. I walked into the office of Dr. Weiss and thank my lucky stars for how things worked out.


Dr. Sol Weiss, DDS, The Art of Dentistry

ELEVATE: What specific type of dental surgery did you perform on Shahid?

Dr. Weiss: There were many issues to deal with, such as a crossbite, spacing, retained primary teeth, ankylosed primary teeth, yellow teeth and basically an unattractive smile. We had to correct the crossbite using orthodontics, take out the primary teeth place the implants, and then correct the smile by inserting veneers to coordinate the smile.

ELEVATE: Why was Shahid a good candidate for this surgery?

Dr. Weiss: Shahid was a good candidate because he was very motivated to correct his issues. We had multiple discussions on the best way to accomplish this. His goal was a nice smile. He smiles a lot, but his teeth actually made it look like he didn’t take care of his teeth, which was not the case.

ELEVATE: What does the procedure consist of?

Dr. Weiss: Orthodontics to improve the bite, the removal of primary teeth and implant placement and veneers and a crown to complete the smile makeover.

ELEVATE: What were the patient’s biggest concerns about the procedure?

Dr. Weiss: Shahid had no real concerns and was open to doing what we needed to do to get the best result. Also, we had to stick to a certain budget.

ELEVATE: Was the patient happy with his results?

Dr. Weiss: Shahid is so happy with his smile. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the final result.

ELEVATE: What advice would you give those debating whether or not to get dental surgery?

Dr. Weiss: I think people really need to develop a relationship of trust with their dentist. They need to know if their dentist is capable of delivering results. This took over 16 months to complete, and multiple areas of dentistry were involved. Sequencing and organizing is a big part of it and helps to ensure a positive outcome that exceeds the patient’s expectations.