Breaking the stigma that plastic surgery is just for women.

Name: Paul

Procedure: A chin augmentation using a chin implant

Performed by: Dr. Jerome Edelstein

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Elevate: What made you decide to visit Dr. Edelstein?

Paul: Since my 20s, I’d been dissatisfied with my chin. It was quite recessed and it bothered me.  It was like Mother Nature only finished half the job.  On and off over the years, I had toyed with the idea of having it fixed.  Finally, as I was approaching my 50th birthday, I decided that if I was ever going to do something about it, now was the time.  

Elevate: Did you feel any stigma around receiving plastic surgery as a man?

Paul: No. I did a lot of research about chin implants ahead of time and it was evident that an increasing number of men are having plastic surgery. For me, I was more self-conscious about having surgery that some people view as self-indulgent. 

Elevate: Why did you pick Dr. Edelstein?

Paul: I chose him because I had complete confidence in his ability to enhance my chin in a natural-looking way.  He is a fully certified plastic surgeon, head of the Division of Plastic Surgery at the Humber River Regional Hospital, and has many, many years of experience. I was completely comfortable with him and knew he could give me the result I wanted. He’s a gifted surgeon in the art and science of plastic surgery. 

Elevate: How do you feel about your results?

Paul: I’m very happy with the results.  I joke with Dr. Edelstein that I now have a Cary Grant chin.  He finished what Mother Nature started. 

Elevate: What message do you want to send men that may be feeling apprehensive about plastic surgery because of their sex?

Paul: I think it’s understandable for guys to feel apprehensive about plastic surgery.  I’d even say it’s a natural part of the process.  But I’d also say that if something about your appearance is bothering you, then take control and do something about it.  There’s nothing wrong with or unmasculine about wanting to look and feel your best.


Dr. Jerome Edelstein, MD, FRCSC, Edelstein Cosmetic,

Elevate: What concerns did your patient have during his consultation with you?

Dr. Edelstein: He felt he had a weak chin.

Elevate: What does the procedure involve?

Dr. Edelstein: It is an outpatient procedure performed under general anaesthesia.  A small incision is made under the chin (or it can be made inside the mouth), a space is created for the chin implant over the chin bone, the implant is inserted, and it is either sutured in place or a screw can be used to hold the implant in place.  This procedure takes about 45 minutes.

Elevate: Why was this patient an ideal candidate for the procedure?

Dr. Edelstein: He did not have the proper protrusion of his chin. The implant helped immensely.

Elevate: How popular is this procedure among male patients?

Dr. Edelstein: This is an extremely popular procedure for male patients, as a properly protruded chin is a masculine appearance.  It can be performed alone, or in conjunction with a nose job.

Elevate: Do you feel there’s a stigma behind plastic surgery for men?

Dr. Edelstein:  I have a lot of male patients, and while they like to be private about having plastic surgery, they are extremely enthusiastic about the procedures they have done. The most common procedures I perform among men are male breast reductions, liposuctions, tummy-tucks, nose jobs, chin implants and eyelid surgery.