How injections helped J.C. acheive a fuller face again after an illness. 

Name: J.C.

Procedure: Dysport and Restylane Injections

Performed by: Dr. Cory Goldberg

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ELEVATE: What made you decide to seek out treatment?

J.C.: I was very ill almost a year and a half ago, which caused me to lose almost 40 pounds within four months. I’ve since gained almost 30 pounds back, but my face still looked sunken in and withdrawn and I noticed that I appeared severe and angry. I wanted my face to look fuller and thought I could use a bit of professional treatment to make that happen.

ELEVATE: How did you choose Dr. Goldberg?

J.C.: I knew I didn’t want an invasive procedure, and since I knew of Dr. Goldberg and some of his staff, I went to his office for a consultation. After meeting him and members of his team and learning of the treatment plan they proposed, I felt at ease with my decision to move forward.

ELEVATE: What was the treatment like?

J.C.: I’ll be honest: I was scared initially. I don’t like pain or needles, but I was told by friends to try it and that I would be surprised by how little it hurt. I did and was pleasantly surprised. The Dysport injection was nothing more than a small sting, like you’d feel with a bug bite, and the Restylane had a slight burning sensation right after it was injected but it was really nothing near what I expected.

ELEVATE: How do you feel about your results?

J.C.: My biggest worry (besides pain) was about not wanting to look overdone and not expressive. I wanted to look natural, and I do but better. My 21-year-old daughter kept looking at my face after my first session and didn’t know what was different, but she said I looked great. Even though I know happiness radiates from within, this has really perked me up. I feel more like me again. 


Dr. Cory Goldberg, BSc, MD, MASc, FRCSC, FACS, 416-907-5810,

ELEVATE: What concerns did J.C. express in her first visit?

DR. GOLDBERG: J.C. had lost a considerable amount of weight due to illness and, though she had gained some back, was experiencing heaviness, jowl formation and loss of volume around her cheeks. She was concerned about worry lines on her forehead and was curious about enhancements being made to her lips.

ELEVATE: Why did you suggest Dysport and Restylane to treat her concerns?

DR. GOLDBERG: In order to address her concerns with worry lines, I suggested Dysport, which works like Botox to weaken the muscles into which it’s placed. I prefer it because I find it lasts longer and has a faster onset time (48 hours) than Botox, and my patients like it. To address her issues with facial heaviness and loss of volume, I suggested Restylane because of its lifting effect. J.C. didn’t want to undergo any surgical interventions but still wanted noticeable results, and this type of filler offers long-lasting effects with very minimal discomfort. I also used Restylane to add volume to her lips.

ELEVATE: Who is the ideal/not ideal candidate for both Dysport and Restylane?

DR. GOLDBERG: An ideal candidate is someone who wants to see noticeable changes without surgical intervention and is looking to prevent facial aging. Patients who are pregnant or have serious immune disorders are not ideal for these injectables, but the vast majority of people would qualify as “ideal”.

ELEVATE: What is the average cost of these injectable procedures?

DR. GOLDBERG: Every patient is different and requires a unique approach, but one syringe of Restylane is approximately $499, a small treatment of Dysport to an area like the “worry line” starts at $129, and a lip treatment that requires half of a syringe of Restylane costs $299.