How one woman's subtle makeover helped her look as young as she felt.

Name: Lynn*

Procedure: Xeomin and Radiesse injections

Performed by: Dr. Julia Carroll

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ELEVATE: Why did you decide to seek out treatment, and how did you choose Dr. Carroll?

LYNN: I still feel young and vibrant and wanted to look the way I felt. I decided to see Dr. Carroll because one of my patients received treatments from her and I witnessed how professional and experienced she was in her area of specialty.

ELEVATE: What results were you looking for?

LYNN: I knew what I wanted to look like, however I didn’t know what was available. Dr. Carroll offered some suggestions and explained each of the various procedures in a way that allowed me to make an informed decision. I decided on having Radiesse as a filler coupled with Xeomin for their natural-looking results.

ELEVATE: Were the treatments what you expected?

LYNN: Dr. Carroll explained what would be involved and allowed me the time to ask questions, so I felt well prepared for it. She offered topical pain relief prior to the procedure so, as a result, I experienced only mild discomfort. Afterwards, I had some bruising but nothing that I couldn’t live with short-term for such wonderful and effective long-term results.

ELEVATE: How do you feel about the results?

LYNN: I am thrilled. The treatments resulted in a natural but obvious change, where people will say to me “You look great.” I had quite a deep scar on my cheek from an accident when I was much younger, and the bonus of the treatment is the noticeable difference it had on my scar—the scar has nearly disappeared. This has been a tremendous benefit that I hadn’t anticipated prior to the treatment.

I would recommend Dr. Carroll and Compass Dermatology to my family and friends. Moreover, I would recommend that anyone requiring specialized dermatology treatments see her because of her level of professionalism, the time and care she takes to explain her assessment findings and treatment options, and her clinical competence.

*Patient’s name has been changed.


Dr. Julia Carroll, MD, FRCPC, Compass Dermatology,

ELEVATE: What were Lynn’s concerns during her consultation?

DR. CARROLL: Lynn was looking to freshen her face and look less tired. She has a client-facing job and wanted to look her best, which made her seek out options to target the lines between her eyebrows and restore fullness to her face.

ELEVATE: Why did you suggest Xeomin and Radiesse?

DR. CARROLL: Lynn has had Botox in the past but was open to trying something new, which is why Xeomin was used. For addressing volume loss, I suggested Radiesse, which is a filler that offers a volume boost right away. It also deposits little bits of calcium, which stimulates your body’s own collagen growth, giving a fresh, natural look.

ELEVATE: How long do these injectables last and who is an ideal candidate to try them?

DR. CARROLL: Xeomin is similar to Botox in that it is effective for three to four months. Radiesse has a much longer lifespan: nine to 18 months.

The ideal candidate for both is someone who is over the age of 30, looking for quick results and starting to experience volume loss. Radiesse takes effect right away, while Xeomin’s results are visible within three to five days.

ELEVATE: What is the average cost of these injectables?

DR. CARROLL: Xeomin between her brows and in the lower face (to give her an upturned mouth) cost $400, and two Radiesse injections were approximately $1,600.