How a woman plagued by oral health problems had her smile corrected.

Name: Ana

PROCEDURE: Orthodontics, five dental implants, crowns, bone grafting

PERFORMED BY: Dr. Herbert Veisman

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ELEVATE: Why did you seek out treatment?

ANA: Coming from the Philippines, oral health was not much of a priority. I vaguely remember a time that I didn’t have toothaches. Pain would come and go, and if it wasn’t bearable, I would borrow money, go to a local dentist and have the problem tooth pulled. At 15, I started losing my molars in my lower jaw.

My oral health worsened over the years. Not only was I not able to chew my food, but my molars on my upper jaw over erupted, which gave me no choice but to chew with my front teeth like a rabbit. This caused my overbite to worsen and cavities formed in my front teeth, which again led to another extraction. These were replaced with a poorly done flipper that made talking difficult. At one point I saw two different dentists; one who did fillings on all my teeth to save them, and another who advised me of the severity of my condition. He told me I was not a candidate for implants, but not once did he suggest I seek a specialist.

Overall, I suffered many years of embarrassment and discomfort because of my missing teeth and found myself envying people who had a beautiful smile. After decades of being self-conscious, I decided to do something about my teeth.

ELEVATE: How did you choose Dr. Veisman as your dentist?

ANA: In 2000, I became friends with Dr. Veisman’s hygienist. She was aware of my dilemma and told me to seek his opinion because he was highly recommended due to his expertise and skills. I was very excited and nervous about seeing him, but booked my appointment immediately. In the office I was greeted by his friendly staff, who reassured me that I was in good hands and in the right place.

ELEVATE: How do you feel about your results?

ANA: There are no words to describe the amount of happiness I have right now. Dr. Veisman’s expertise, skills and compassionate nature changed everything for me. He restored my smile, and I have full confidence again. I would overwhelmingly recommend Dr. Veisman and his friendly, knowledgeable team to anyone experiencing the same situation I did. You will never regret it. Consider it time and money well spent!


Dr. Herbert Veisman, DDS, Periodontal Specialists,

ELEVATE: What were Ana’s initial concerns, and what was your plan for addressing them?

DR. VEISMAN: When Ana first visited my office in 1998 she had lost four of her lower back teeth and one of her front upper teeth. During her consultation she began crying out of frustration because she was wearing a lower partial denture to replace her missing lower teeth and felt old before her time. As well, she was told repeatedly that she didn’t have enough bone for dental implants and would be stuck wearing a denture for the rest of her life. She was also wearing a Maryland bridge to replace her upper tooth, which was stable at the time.

We made a plan to replace her lower molars with implants, but first we had to intrude her upper four molars, which had started to erupt and encroach on the space of her lower back teeth. After a couple of years of orthodontic treatment, we proceeded with implant surgery, which happened against all odds. Four were placed and then three months later, four crowns where placed over the implants, allowing Ana to get rid of her partial denture. That was in 2000; she has had no difficulty with them even 13 years later.

In 2012 Ana returned because her Maryland bridge had finally become loose and she wanted to replace it with another implant and crown. Because she was missing considerable bone, she required a bone graft. After four months of healing following the graft, the implant was placed and a crown was placed on it three months later.

ELEVATE: Did she have any concerns regarding her treatment?

DR. VEISMAN: There were concerns with the length and cost of the treatment. Ana works in a position where she’s not able to miss many days of work, and her funds were not unlimited. When all these procedures were performed, there were no complications. In fact, after each procedure she was able to be back at work the next day with very little discomfort or swelling.

ELEVATE: What is the average cost of these procedures?

DR. VEISMAN: The cost is broken down into a few aspects: $6,000 for two years of orthodontics (braces), $12,000 for five implants, $4,000 for the complex bone graft for her upper implant and $10,000 for the five final crowns for a total of $32,000.