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If your man has a spare tire, he has options.

The so-called beer belly is a concern echoed on every Men’s Health cover promising a “six pack” of the non-alcoholic variety. Men are more prone to storing fat around their midsection, which is probably why in 2011 lipoplasty (or liposuction) was the number one procedure men had done. Here's all he needs to know about male abdominoplasty.

HOW IT WORKS: Dr. Scott Barr, MD, FRCSC, of Barr Plastic Surgery in Sudbury, Ont. makes an incision across the lower abdomen and through this removes excess skin and fat while tightening the ab muscles. The incision line is discreetly hidden because it’s made at the pubic line. Ultrasonic liposuction is done through the same incision and is recommended to melt away love handles. “The goal for a male abdominoplasty is to remove the excess skin that is present after weight loss, remove stretch marks on the lower abdomen and give that “cut” tight waistline,” says Dr. Barr.

DOWNTIME: A small girdle is worn four to six weeks after surgery. Patients are back to work after seven to ten days, and resume full activity in six weeks. The incision is discreetly hidden inside the underwear and fades exceptionally well when managed properly.

COST: A “mini” tummy tuck (where a small amount of skin is removed, the belly button is not moved and only the lower abdominal muscles are tightened) is in the range of $4,500. The high end is around $7,000. This is commonly done after a massive weight loss.