12 11 man makeover hair transplant balding tbHere’s everything he wants to know about hair transplants, but is too scared to ask.

Let’s be honest: Rogaine only goes so far to prevent balding.

It used to be that only Porsche-loving mid-life crisis types were the ones with bad plugs. These days, everyone and your neighbour Ted (who drives a Volvo) can afford to put some back on top without looking vain or foolish.

HOW IT WORKS: Dr. Scott Barr has been treating androgenic alopecia (or male pattern baldness) since 2007. His approach is to make the growth look as natural as possible by using follicular unit transplantation, where hair is taken from a donor site at the back of the head. Using this method ensures 100 per cent survival rate, says Dr. Barr. Depending on the number of grafts involved, the procedure can take anywhere from two to six hours. After light sedation, patients can stay awake to watch sports during the entire thing. The key, Dr. Barr says, is in the placement of the grafts so they mimic the hair’s alignment and distribution. He uses a “lateral slit technique.”

DOWNTIME: There may be swelling and scabbing, which will go away in about one week.

COST: From $3,900 for a small number of grafts to more than $17,000 for a mega session where the entire head is treated in one session to provide definitive correction of significant hair loss.