Excess Fat


Lighter-on-the-wallet non-invasive touch-ups 

Budget-friendly Procedure:

CoolSculpting, starting at $700 per area

Reasons it rocks:

Both Dr. Bendago and Dr. Lista explain that CoolSculpting freezes targeted areas of unwanted fat, which is then eliminated from the body. CoolSculpting requires no downtime, and each session or area only takes about one hour to treat.

Things that make you go hmm:

“If you pinch an area on your body and imagine it being reduced by 25 per cent, most people say they want more than that, so most people do two or three treatments,” says Dr. Lista. It can take up to three months to see full results.

Big-ticket invasive surgeries: Longer-lasting and, in most cases, permanent results

High-level fix:

Liposuction, starting at $4,500

Reasons it rocks:

“For the most drastic results, liposuction will remove more unwanted fat than a non-surgical procedure,” says Dr. Bendago. Dr. Lista concurs, saying that “liposuction is a permanent and very effective and reliable way to remove excess fat.”

Things that make you go hmm:

“It’s an operation, so you’ll need to be put to sleep and you’ll be off work for one week,” explains Dr. Lista.  “You will also have to wear a garment for about six weeks.”