Breast Augmentation

boobLighter-on-the-wallet non-invasive touch-ups 

Budget-friendly Procedure:

Fat injection, starting at $8,000. 

Reasons it rocks:

While this is the same price as a breast augmentation, the upside to this over typical breast implant surgery is that “you’re not putting anything foreign into your body,” explains Dr. Lista.  

Things that make you go hmm:

“This is actually a fairly complex surgery and is much less predictable than a regular breast augmentation,” explains Dr. Lista.  “The fat doesn’t always take, so you may end up with different results from what you expected.”  

Big-ticket invasive surgeries: Longer-lasting and, in most cases, permanent results

High-level fix:

Breast augmentation, starting at $8,000.

Reasons it rocks:

Dr. Lista and Dr. Bendago agree that breast augmentation is a permanent and predictable surgery to enhance breast size and add symmetry with reliable results.

Things that make you go hmm:

“There are always risks involved with surgery and the implants themselves,” says Dr. Bendago. Dr. Lista adds that “the downtime is about one week away from work.”