What price tag can you afford? 

Whether it’s a big-ticket procedure or a cosmetic enhancement that’s easier on your wallet, it’s important to know how your expectations will match up to the results you’ll actually see.    

When it comes to considering cosmetic enhancement procedures, it’s important to balance your expectations and aesthetic goals with your budget. Yet, at the same time, depending on what you want to see, sometimes spending more on a more invasive procedure is the better option.  For most cosmetic concerns and needs, there is a high and low option to choose from. To help you make an informed decision (while keeping money on your mind), we spoke to Dr. Mansour Bendago, MD, FRCSC, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon at the Toronto Cosmetic Clinic, and Dr. Frank Lista, MD, FRCSC, founder and medical director of The Plastic Surgery Clinic. Both doctors shared options for different budgets while discussing the pros and cons for each, so you can understand what procedure is right for your wallet and your desired results.