Two doctors talk about correcting your arm, hand, knee and foot woes.

suffering from knee pain

We all complain about aging hands, painful bunions, sagging knees and loose arm skin. But what if you didn’t have to accept these grievances as permanent? Those smaller body issues that may have you covering up can actually be permanently fixed. Here’s how.

cankles surgeryCankles

Commonly known as cankles, the straight profile from calf to ankle can be tricky and expensive to correct. “The thick ankle can be caused by cardinal, vascular or renal disease,” says Dr. Robert Sleightholm MD, FRCSC, a cosmetic surgeon at the Brampton Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Clinic. “Liposuction can reduce fat, resulting in improved calf and ankle contouring. Post-op swelling is reduced after a few weeks, and support stockings are worn by the patient.”

Adding an implant can be another method to correct cankles. “A calf augmentation with implants may improve the contour from calf to ankle, advises Dr. Sleightholm. “A compression garment must be worn for four weeks to reduce swelling post-surgery.”

Cost: $4,000 to $6,000