Is the guy in your life considering Botox or fillers? There are some things he should know first about how to keep his face looking young and masculine.

Let's face it: Men are worrying more about their appearance than ever before. "There is a significant rise in men getting Botox and fillers," says Dr. Marc DuPéré MD, CM, FRCSC, of the Visage Clinic in Toronto, who adds that 15 to 18 per cent of his clientele are male.

Maja Pearcey, Toronto anti-aging specialist and clinic consultant (, says the reason more men are considering freshening their look is because there is a trend toward being single later in life. Also, she says, many men want to get ahead in a youth-dominated workplace, and see changing their look as a way to do that.


Men who want to get rid of hollowing around the eyes to look less tired can have similar treatments to women, but Dr. DuPéré warns that fillers should not be used in the upper orbital area, which will enhance the soft curvature of the brow. "One should also be careful not to raise the outer eyebrow in a male too much," he says, since a high-arched eyebrow is a feminine feature.

Pearcey suggests men avoid Botox eyelifts as well, and focus on subtly softening deep crows feet around the lower corners of eyes, which can reach nearly back to the ear. She also suggests trying Botox injections near the temples to make the eyes look less weathered, without overdoing it.


"For parts of nasal labial folds, you must appreciate how old the man is and do enough, but without overdoing it," says Pearcey, since filling too much can create a rounded, soft look as opposed to a chiselled one.

"The dorsum of the nose should be slightly higher in the male, especially where the nose meets the forehead," says Dr. DuPéré, making it a great location for dermal fillers because it can create a more masculine profile. (Approximate price: $600)

Generally men require higher doses of fillers or Botox because they have thicker, stronger facial muscles. Some bruising and local swelling can occur but will clear up in five to 10 days.


"Look at the iris and move in toward the cheek. This is the only place you should inject a man's face for volume loss. If you inject past the iris toward the outside to create volume it can look feminine," says Pearcey. This may also make the cheekbones look higher than they are.

Aside from widening the outside of the cheek Dr. DuPéré states that the inner cheeks should not be too full either. "It is considered masculine and sexy for males to have flatter cheeks," he says, citing James Dean or Sean Connery as faces men may want to emulate.


Pearcey warns that it's safer altogether to avoid giving men any fillers in their lips unless they really want it. To fill in marionette lines around the mouth, she suggests filling underneath the down-turned corners of the mouth to subtly remove age from the face "without him looking like he's had his lips injected." (Approximate price: $550 to $1,800.)


"Dermal fillers are fantastic in the chin and can definitively convert a small, weak chin into a forward, strong and assertive masculine profile," says Dr. DuPéré. "It should be harmonious with his nose on a profile view." Dermal fillers can also be injected into the posterior aspect of the jaw line to increase the square shape of the lower face, which is a very attractive, masculine trait. (Approximate cost: $1,200 to $2,000.)