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Hot new body just in time for your wedding day? Here's how to shop for the perfect dress.

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You can shop last minute because for a wedding gown because many stores offer fast fittings, but if you want a custom made gown you'll need to leave yourself plenty of time to heal from a procedure or get into shape. Start shopping six months to a year before the big day to avoid disappointment, suggests Mary Marr of Marilee's Bridal ( in Fonthill, Ont.

However, if you haven't left enough time between your procedure and your wedding day, Marr says it should be fine so long as you don't get bigger or smaller than two dress sizes once you're fitted. Make sure to tell your dressmaker that you're planning on changing in size so they can figure out if they can alter your chosen dress up or down a size in time.

If you're not sure how to dress your new body Marr offers these tips:.

1. Don't cover up after a breast augmentation

"I think busty women look far more beautiful in a v neck or sweetheart neckline, or a nice big scoop neck with straps," says Marr. Avoid a boat necks in an attempt to cover up an ample bosom. It will only draw more attention to them.

2. Enhance a small bust and your new, slimmer figure

"A cowl neck front is great for small busts and extremely glamorous," says Marr. Think Pippa Middleton. A fit and flare style is also a great way to create curves.

3. Older brides - forget about the trends

"You don't have to put sexy on the shelf! Show your age in a glamorous way! More than age body shape dictates which type of dress would be complimentary." Marr recommends old Hollywood styling and avoiding ball gowns for mature brides. A-line dresses are universally flattering. Jewelled belts make the perfect waist-cinching topper.

4. Fabric choices are key for your shape

If you want to show off your new slim body go for silks or a satin back crepe. If you want to camouflage some lumps and bumps ruched fabric will be your new best friend. Lace is also a huge trend this spring, and doesn't age you if it's cut in a contemporary shape.

5. You don't have to wear a veil

If you're looking to show off some recent facial work you've had done forgo a traditional long veil in favour of a fascinator or jewelled headband.

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