The secret to looking refreshed and youthful? Being well rested, of course. But with hectic schedules, not enough sleep and aging skin—particularly in the eye area—looking fresh as a daisy is simply unrealistic. We asked three experts what you can do to look less exhausted. 



“The most common reason people look tired is their eyes. Usually people tell me, ‘I look tired, but I am not tired. It’s because I have dark circles under my eyes,’” says Dr. Lista. “After examining a patient, the most common reason for dark circles is something called the tear trough that creates an indentation under your eye and a bulge above, known as the eye bag. But what accentuates the bag is the groove below the bag, a.k.a. the tear trough, and it’s caused by a liga- ment called the orbicular vernacular ligament, which attaches from the bone to the skin. It’s like having a mountain behind the valley.

“In the past, with a blepharoplasty we would just remove the fat or bulge. The problem with this, though, was once we removed the fat, it became levelled with the trough and became hollow looking as too much fat was removed. Now, instead of trying to make the trough hollow, we are trying to make it more even. This is done by filling the trough using some of the fat above the trough ,or by taking a syringe of fat from another part of the body to make it look fuller. So, it’s about bringing down the hill (the bag) a bit and bringing up the valley (the trough) a bit. Before we made an incision below the eyelashes. Although we sometimes still do that, often we are doing it without making an incision in the lower eyelid. In some cases, we also address the upper eyelid if someone has fat bulge in the inside corner or loose skin in that area.

“Depending on if you are doing both the lower and upper eyelid or just one, this procedure costs between $6,000 to $10,000. Downtime is usually one to two weeks. You can then wear makeup and go out and look fantastic. In the first couple of days, stay quiet, don’t do too much. Elevate the head, use cool compresses on the area and also most importantly, rest. Follow the instruc- tions of your surgeon properly for recovery. After this a really good skincare program is important.” 


- Dr. Frank Lista, MD, FRCSC, Medical Director and Founder of The Plastic Surgery Clinic 

*Correction: Dr. Lista's credentials appeared incorrectly in the 2017 Holiday Issue of Elevate. His proper credentials are: Dr. Lista, BSc, MD, FRCSC. 


“As we age, our skin loses elasticity and we lose volume in our face. Fillers, such as Restylane, are a great way
to replace age-related volume loss to the face,” says
Dr. Lee. “They are carefully placed in areas that can literally lift the tissues up in that region and restore a more youthful shape and contour. For a more refreshed and well-rested face, the typical areas injected for rejuvenation include the temples and cheeks, and the under-eye bag region, otherwise known as the tear trough. Lower down in the face, the creases around the nose called nasolabial folds and marionette lines—the 

lines located around the mouth—can also be softened. When there is volume loss in these regions, it leads to sagging and shadowing that creates a tired appear- ance. Fillers act to create a smooth and even contour to these areas, minimizing shadows and giving a nat- urally rested appearance.

“Both younger and older people can be great candi- dates for fillers. Younger people look to subtly enhance features, whereas many older people look to restore their features. Both groups consistently want to just look like the best version of themselves with a natural and rested appearance. Restylane fillers last between 12 to 18 months. I also advise my patients to come in at the six- month mark for maintenance touch-ups.” 

- Dr. Jonathan Lee, MD, FRCSC, Director and Founder Calgary Institute of Plastic Surgery 



“Skin looks tired when it is gray in tone, dull, lifeless and dry,” says Ramirez. “Dark spots and uneven pig- mentation also make skin look tired, older and dull.
To treat this, you need to use brightening products that bring light and radiance back to the face. I rec- ommend the RVB Whitelight Facial–a brightening anti-aging facial that works for all skin types to restore luminosity and radiance to dull, tired skin, help even skin tone and treat dark spots. After a single treatment your skin will be renewed, refreshed and brightened. If you have a special event coming up, or have particu- larly tired, dull or uneven skin, start with an intensive program of four facials, once weekly to get the best results. Then proceed with a facial once every four to six weeks to maintain results.

“At home, continue with a brightening home care regimen that includes the RVB SkinLab White Serum- Lotion with Vitamin C, 24-Hour Even White Cream and Brightening White Essence. These skincare essentials are enriched with many nutrients for the skin, including antioxidants vitamin C and phytic acid, a unique cleansing ingredient called cell detoxium, hydrating hyaluronic acid and diamond lightening complex, a light-reflecting powder. Finally, the RVB ICON Correcting Eye Cream with colour correcting pigments and diamond dust helps to visibly reduce dark circles for vibrant and fresh eyes through improved microcirculation, smoothened wrinkles and less visible dark circles and crow’s feet.” 

- Cristina Ramirez, Director of Gina’s College of Advanced Aesthetics and President of Intercosmetics, Distributor of RVB Skinlab in Canada