Cosmetic Enhancement


Spring Makeover Series: Teeth Whitening with Dr. Ramlaggan

Find the One Spring Makeover Series: Cri…

In part one of our three-part spring makeover series, Cristina gives her smile a little extra shine.

Our Best Body Contouring Guide: Part Two

See the second half of our comprehensive guide to navigating the latest innovations in body contouring treatments and prices.   

Our Best Body Contouring Guide: Part One

See our comprehensive guide to navigating the latest innovations in body contouring treatments and prices.   

Restylane Dermal Fillers Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Restylane Celebrates Being 20 Years Youn…

We celebrate Restylane's 20th anniversary by taking a look back on the history of dermal fillers.

Is winter the best time of the year for cometic enhancement?

When Is the Best Time for Cosmetic Surge…

Is winter the best time for cosmetic surgery? Two doctors weigh in on seasonality and the most popular procedures.

VASER Lipo: Is the New Liposuction Proce…

VASER Lipo is one of the newest liposuction options available and it's gaining widespread popularity.

Before & After

Jason's Facial Rejuvenation Transformati…

See how facial fillers gave Jason a younger, fresher look.

Ward's Body Contouring Makeover

See how Ward's confidence incrased with contouring to his jawline and abdomen.

Kate P.'s Scar Therapy

A patient shares her experience on how scar therapy boosted her self-esteem.   

Summer-Ready Legs

See how one patient got ready for the beach

Sheila's Lovely Legs

Sheila undergoes a leg procedure and boosts her confidence in the process.  

Reduce the Appearance of Scars with Non-…

A real-life patient shares how she got the body she always wanted with the help of non-invasive body contouring.

Patricia's Facial Rejuvenation

A little facial rejuvenation can change your life!

Wanda's Profile Cosmetic Enhancement

A patient shares her experience on how plastic surgery changed her life  

Breast Augmentation for an Athletic Body…

Feeling more comfortable in your body with a subtle enhancement.

Enhancing Confidence with a Breast Augme…

A patient finds new confidence with her natural-looking agumentation procedure.

The Effects of Power Assist Liposuction

One patient's decision to under go power assist liposuction to slim down her midsection.

Marla's Liposuction Procedure

Superwet liposuction helps to get rid of fat in hard-to-slim areas.

Ask The Expert

Liposuction 101: What You Need to Know f…

We’re often asked about liposuction—what it is, is it safe, recovery time and the like—so we got in touch with...

Ask the Expert: Non-Surgical Nose Job

  I want to change the look of my nose. Is a non-surgical nose job right for me?

Ask the Expert: Liquid Facelifts

  I love the look of a facelift, but I'm scared of surgery.  What should I do?