What do Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts and Coco Rocha have in common? Their adoration for Dr. Hauschka. Co-founded in 1967 by Viennese cosmetologist Elisabeth Sigmund (who famously rode her motorcycle to monastic libraries to research medicinal plants) and chemist Dr. Rudolf Hauschka, Dr. Hauschka’s mantra to be a beauty company that’s “environmentally and socially responsible” is proven throughout their entire product line which includes a 100 percent organic beauty line, skincare products and cruelty-free brush set.


In tandem with their 50th anniversary, this Germany-based company, which is available in 46 countries, finally made their Canadian debut.

In addition to the organic theme, Dr. Hauschka also boasts a sustainability program with various partnerships throughout the world. Their shea butter is obtained from an organically certified collection area in Burkina Faso, Africa. They are also working with the World Health Organization to support almost 700 farmers to convert to organic rose growing instead of opium cultivation. 


Dr. Hauschka’s Cleansing Cream

Exfoliating and supporting the skin’s natural protect- ive function as it works, this cleansing cream with sweet almond meal gives your skin the thorough cleansing it needs at the beginning and at the end of each day. ($34, Hudson’s Bay, select drug stores and spas) 


Dr. Hauschka’s Colour Correcting Powder

Formulated with medicinal plants, this powder can be applied underneath your foundation. ($65, Hudson’s Bay, select drug stores and spas) 


Pro Tip!

International Makeup Artist and Global Brand Ambassador for Dr. Hauschka International, Karim Sattar doesn’t want you to scrub when exfoliating. Instead, he says to use two fingers and press and roll the skin across your face. This action activates your lymph nodes and helps your skin press out dead cells, toxins and free radicals.