Even beauty editors fall short on their should-dos. Here are our goals for 2017.

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Amanpreet’s Beauty Resolution

So as much as I take care of my skin, I neglect my hair. When it comes to my mane I’m super lazy to the point where I often find myself shampooing once a week and then battling the last half of the week with tons of dry shampoo or resorting to a slicked back pony (emphasis on the slick because those natural oils and styling products build up to the max). Needless to say, my hair could use some more consistent TLC.

Here’s how I plan to be good to my hair in 2017:

1. Treat my hair like m161230 resolutions KMy skin. I’m a huge believer of at-home skin treatments including at-home peels, masks and the like, but when it comes to hair masks, I can firmly say I don’t treat my hair the same. According to hair experts, we should treat our hair like our skin, which means committing to a hair care regimen that involves pampering it with nutrients and preventing damage with the help of hair masks. I vow to do a hair mask once a month. I’m still on the lookout for the right one for me, so send me your recommendations.

2. Give my scalp a detox. With my haphazard styling ways (using too much dry shampoo and then a product of some kind to get the perfect sleek combed back ponytail or bun), I end up with a lot of product buildup in my hair. Although I use a good quality shampoo and conditioner, sometimes my scalp doesn’t feel as clean as it should be. For 2017 I plan on incorporating a detox shampoo into my hair care regimen once a week to strip away product buildup and leave my scalp healthy. I am looking forward to adding Kevin.Murphy Maxi.Wash ($29, professional salons, visit shampooing to find one near you) into my rotation since I already love the Kevin.Murphy Hydrate-Me.Wash and Hydrate-Me.Rinse duo.

3. Get creative with easy-to-do hairstyles. My hairstyle repertoire is pretty bland. Apart from wearing my hair down (either straight or sporting my natural texture) and putting it up in a ponytail or bun I don’t possess great skill when it comes to styling. However, I really love the look of braids and half-up hairstyles. So I plan to sit down in front of my computer, watch some instructional YouTube videos and practice, practice, practice till I can rock a killer braid that doesn’t fall out five seconds later.

Erin’s Beauty Resolution

Yes, this beauty editor doesn’t have the nicest skin, despite all the resources I have at my fingertips. I’ve never really pinpointed the cause of my skin concerns, which is mainly adult acne. Sure, I know what my skin likes when it’s in need of some TLC, but treating and resolving the symptoms (breakouts, blackheads, dryness) isn’t the same as treating the problem.

My beauty resolution this year: Listen to my skin.

Discovering the cause of my adult acne situation is going to take some time, but I’ve come up with some steps with which I can start to get on the right path:

1. Cut out str161230 resolutions Eminenceess. Stress and hormones can be a significant factor in causing adult acne. When stress hits me, I tend to add more to my to-do list and keep my head down, powering through, which really only adds to the stress. Of course, this isn’t the best choice for my skin (or overall health, for that matter). To help cut down on stress, each day, I’m going to carve out 15 minutes to decompress—no work, no to-do lists, no cleaning, just me (and likely my cat) reflecting on the day and focusing on the positives with a warm cup of herbal tea.

2. Cleanse my skin the moment I get home. I work in a big city that can be muggy year-round. It may seem sad to say, but pollution is part of my daily commute to work. Often, when I get home, the first thing I do is cook dinner. Starting in 2017, I’m putting my skin first and removing the day’s makeup and city gunk the moment I step through the door to allow my skin to decompress and enjoy that warm herbal tea, too. Of course, opting for a cleanser that won’t irritate my skin is integral to a good cleansing routine, so I’m going to test out Éminence Biodynamic Lemon Grass Cleanser ($58, buynaturalskincare.com), for a gentle clean. Bonus: For each retail product sold, Éminence plants a tree through its Forests for the Future initiative, helping battle pollution and climate change.

3. Book an appointment with a dermatologist. I was that student in class who never asked a question unless I had already tried my hardest to find the answer. I do the same thing with my skin. I research products, ingredients and tactics but have never asked a dermatologist for a custom skincare plan. This year, I’m going to the experts.