What it is: Botulinum bacterium, a purified protein. When it’s injected into the small muscles of your face, it can freeze your fine lines and wrinkles into submission. 

Why do it: Botox relaxes the facial muscles, reducing how much you squint and frown. It also prevents existing wrinkles and lines from deepening. “It can help refresh your face and smooth out tired wrinkles—all in time for the big day,” says Dr. Ashlin Alexander, MD, FRCSC,  founder of Ashlin Alexander Facial Cosmetic Surgery ( in Toronto.

When to book: Two to three months before the wedding day. “The key is to not overdo the Botox,” says Dr. Alexander. “You want to have movement, and you still want to look like you - just a brighter, softer version of you.”

The Price: $300 to $600 per session.

Cool fact: The service only takes 10 minutes to administer.