laser hair removal

Fotona SP Dynamis Laser Hair Removal

What it is: This hair removal treatment uses the power of light to target pigment within the hair follicle to destroy it and prevent further growth.

Why do it: It is touch-free and fast and will eliminate unwanted body hair, from your underarms to your bikini area. “It’s safe to use on all skin types,” says Dr. Bendago. “It helps with ingrown hairs and can even out your skin tone.” 

When to book: Six months prior to your wedding day. “On average, six to 10 sessions are needed, spaced four to six weeks apart,” suggests Dr. Bendago.

The Price: From $100 per appointment.

Cool fact: While there is some discomfort, the Fotona SP Dynamis uses a cooling method to make the treatment more comfortable. Plus, once the hair is gone, you can wave goodbye to daily shaving in the shower.