teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening

What it is: A fast and easy way to remove stains and whiten teeth using a gel-based peroxide. “The peroxide will penetrate through the outer layers of the tooth and change the colour, much like it does with hair,” explains Dr. David A. Gardner, DDS, chief clinician and founder of the Gardner Dental Centre in Toronto (gardnerdentalcentre.com).

Why do it:  “A bright and radiant smile exudes youth, health, vitality and confidence,” says Dr. Gardner. Your wedding photographs will “show these effects dramatically and record them for a lasting memory.”

When to book: At least two months in advance, with a last- minute, touch-up bleaching and polishing session two to three days before the wedding date. Note: For maximum effect “your teeth should be properly cleaned before whitening,” adds Dr. Gardner. 

The price: From $250 per session.

Cool fact: On your wedding day, ask your makeup artist to create a sun-kissed look on your cheeks. “A little bronzer can heighten the contrasting effect of brighter teeth,” says Dr. Gardner.