cool sculpting

Cool Sculpting

What it is: An alternative to liposuction, this non-surgical procedure uses controlled temperatures to freeze away fat in localized areas of your body.

Why do it: To smooth unwanted bulges into oblivion and make you feel more confident in your wedding dress. “It eliminates stubborn pockets
of fat that diet and exercise won’t,” says Dr. Mansour Bendago, MD, FRCSC, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon at the Toronto Cosmetic Clinic ( “There’s no downtime, no needles and no pain and, best of all, stubborn lumps and bumps can be removed in a one-hour treatment period.”

When to book: At least three months before you slip on your gown, as it will take three weeks post- treatment before you’ll notice the effects. The best part: “Most patients only need one to two sessions,” says Dr. Bendago. 

The price: From $700.

Cool fact: You can get caught up on The Bachelor while you have your treatment. Afterwards you may experience a “pins-and-needles sensation,” says Dr. Bendago.