Get glowing skin with these 3 skin essentials.

Now is a better time than ever to incorporate new skin-care topicals into your beauty regimen. Here are three new and notable products you may want to try based on your skin needs.

1. RVB Skinlab Sublime Face Program ($160, Meant to kick-start your skin into gear, this month-long kit includes Day Cream, Night Intensive Perfection Essence and Night Cream to help minimize skin imperfections, such as enlarged pores, blemishes, redness and wrinkles. The three products in the kit are meant to be used after the RVB Instant Retouch Treatment (a professional in-office treatment) for a course of 30 days. The continued at-home regimen post-treatment gives your complexion a full makeover and maximizes treatment results. This beauty regimen of in-office skin care and at-home personal care is best to start during season changes, when the skin suffers the most irritations.

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2. ZO Medical Restoracalm Soothing Recovery Crème ($118, physician’s offices). With winter weather comes dryness and irritation, but this soothing cream helps eradicate it all. With each application, skin redness and irritation in sensitive or compromised skin is reduced, making you feel more confident every time you leave your home. The cream aims to improve the skin’s barrier function with active ingredients that support the skin recovery process such as, antioxidant Buddleja plant stem cells, skin-calming beta-glucans and silk sericin protein.

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3. Miracle 10 Platinum Night Repair ($225, Miracle 10 Boutique and The Rolls-Royce of night creams, this formula contains retinol, vitamins A, C and E, lactic acid and two active plant stem calls to guard against DNA damage and reformulate skin’s elastin. Infused with geranium essential oil, this smells amazing when applied. Made to do heavy-duty work at night when you’re at rest, this night cream will help your skin appear brighter, smoother and less red over time as it activates skin cell renewal.

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