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A fairly clear complexion, with a low incidence of blemishes, normal skin is even in texture with a balanced sebum production—meaning it tends not to be very dry or oily (except when in a super dry or humid environment). Normal skin types have some large pores on the nose or forehead and occasional dryness on the cheeks.

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Care: Luckily, normal skin types can play with products and skincare routines because the skin lacks major concerns. Maintain a peaches and cream complexion by starting an anti-aging regimen early: Use a broad spectrum sunscreen daily (even in the winter or on cloudy days), keep a balanced diet, exercise regularly, avoid excessive alcohol, remove makeup at night and get plenty of sleep.

Product picks: Even if your skin is fairly balanced, normal skin types still need cleansers and moisturizers. Use Dr. Baumann Cleansing Gel and Tonic Lotion for Normal and Oily Skin to keep skin blemish free. Use BeauCaire Liposome Light—a light moisturizer packed with vitamins and a reduced amount of oil—and Dr. Baumman Hyaluron Ampoule, which contains higher concentrations of hyaluronic acid, to help slow down the skin aging process. Finally, always apply a Dr. Baumann Sun Lotion Factor 20 to 30 before heading outside to protect your skin.

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Usually shiny in appearance with enlarged pores and congestion due to overactive sebaceous glands secreting excess amounts of sebum, oily skin feels uneven, thick and rough due to blemishes with visible pores on the nose, forehead and cheeks.

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Care: Since the skin naturally produces excess moisture, oily skin types should avoid heavy moisturizers containing waxes and fatty acids. While oily skin tends to age more gracefully because of this constant lubrication, don’t forego moisturizer and over-cleanse the skin instead. You need to find the right product mix.

Product picks: Use Dr. Baumann Cleansing Gel and Tonic Lotion for Normal and Oily Skin morning and evening to gently clean and tone skin. Once the skin is balanced, apply Dr. Baumman Sensitive Super Light for Oily Skin Moisturizer, which contains silicone oil and natural ingredients like vitamin e, urea and lactic acid to hydrate skin while allowing it to breathe. Use Dr. Baumman Humidity/Moisture Ampoule, which has high concentrations of hyaluronic acid, around the eyes for added moisture where it is needed. Always wear sun protection, like Dr. Baumann Sun Lotion Factor 20 to 30, daily. Sun exposure will accelerate the skin aging process.

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3. DRY

Fine, tight or flaky feeling skin that often looks “crepey” or wrinkly, dry skin types often have redness or sensitivity, especially on the cheek and nose area, and visible pores just on the nose because the sebaceous glands cannot secrete an adequate amount of sebum to keep the skin moist.

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Care: Look for moisturizers with fatty acids and waxes to help create a protective moisture barrier that oilier skin naturally produces. With proper cleansing, toning and exfoliation, and the right products the skin will become moisturized without irritation or further drying.

Product picks: Start with mild formulations that won’t irritate skin such as Dr Baumann Cleansing Milk and Tonic Lotion for Dry Skin. Once the skin is clean, follow up with Dr. Baumann Sensitive for Dry Skin Moisturizer for hydration, and Liposome MultiActive Vitamin E + C and Ceramide Ampoule (a fatty acid that strengthens the moisture barrier) to protect the skin from environmental stressors, premature aging and flakiness. Use sun protection, like Dr. Baumann Sun Lotion Factor 20 to 30, which nourishes the skin while protecting it from UV damage.

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This type of skin is oily, dry and normal in different zones on the face. Oily patches usually occur in the T-zone, while dry patches occur on the cheeks or forehead. Any combination of skin issueslike large pores and oil on the nose and forehead with parched, dry skin elsewhere on the faceis classified as combination skin.

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Care: When picking products, choose ones that target the issue covering the largest facial area. If dryness is more prevalent, focus on hydrating products. If your skin has more oil, look for products that help reduce congestion. Seek a professional skin analysis to ensure the best results.

Product picks: Those with oilier skin should try Dr. Baumann Cleansing Gel and Tonic Lotion for Normal and Oily Skin day and night to gently clean and tone skin. Finish off with Dr Baumann Sensitive Super Light for Oily Skin Moisturizer, which uses silicone oil to hydrate the skin while allowing it to breathe. Dryer skin types should use more hydrating ingredients, such as Dr. Baumann Intensive for Dry Skin cream, which nourishes parched skin with shea butter and jojoba oils. Extremely dry spots can be treated with Dr Baumann Evening Primrose Oil Ampoule, which contains high amounts of gamma-linoleic acid to soothe rough skin. Dr Baumann Herb Vital Ampoule calms and soothes dehydration and redness while treatingJ blemishes and impurities—the best of both worlds! Every skincare routine also needs sun protection, such as Dr. Baumann Sun Lotion Factor 20 to 30.

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Still not sure of your skin type? Ask an esthetician or dermatologist for help. 

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